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We provide high quality Ethiopia Marquand (Buddleja polystachya) to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia Marquand from family growers in the country.

Natural to Ethiopia, especially in the northeastern parts bordering Eriteria, Ethiopia Marquand (Buddleja polystachya) is a nutritious fruit that is native to the horn of Africa. The fruit has different local names but the main one is Madera. Though it thrives in high altitude of up to 3600 meters above sea level, it is a dry climate plant that thrives next to a perpetual water source. This is why it is widespread on the coastal areas of Eriteria, Somalia and the riverbeds of Ethiopia. The plant crosses over the sea in its spread to Yemen and Saudi Arabia. The first modern farming of the crop in the world was in 1805 in Europe, although the plant had been growing wildly before that in the horn of Africa region. The early 1800s was also the time the species got its botanical name.

The appearance of Ethiopia Buddleja polystachya is usually shrublike and it rarely exceeds the human height of five meters. There are exceptional situations where some varieties can go to double that height to peak at 12 meters. The physical appearance of the fruit-bearing tree is a mud color with reddish overtones. The main use of the fruit is mainly in subsistence terms and to a lower degree, economical. It is a source of energy during the dry season, in the country. School going children usually collect the ripe produce and consume it at will. The leaves of the plant provide nutritious fodder for cattle while the wood of the branches when hard can easily spark fire by just the friction against one another.

We source the little drupe-like fruits that form Ethiopia Marquand from the eastern regions bordering Somalia and Eriteria. The most productive area is along the Talalak River and Dewe Woreda to the far east of Addis Ababa. We only obtain the produce from farmers who have grown the crop in their orchards. Our fruits are usually a bright orange color which just needs washing for ready consumption. They usually contain an open area at the pointed tip.

The nutritional value of the fruit is unclear but the leaves of the plant feature in the cure of eye problems in cattle, with farmers just dabbling the juice onto the animal’s open eye.

Our family growers usually use either seedlings or healthy cuttings for growing the plants. There are also occasions where wild plants are introduced into the farm after germinating in the forestland. Either way, they require just the right highland elevation of above 2200 meters, plenty of sun and water to thrive just like they do in the wild.

We pack our Ethiopia Marquand using standard packing procedures. We use 250g packets for small quantities of the berries that have undergone phytosanitary handling and proper storage at room temperature. We employ special trucks to transport the produce from the farm to the warehouse to reduce the deterioration of the fruit during transit.

Therefore, if you would like to avail a taste of the wild from Ethiopia’s eastern highlands, you have got the right supplier of Ethiopia Marquand. We provide shipments for all seasons because the plant grows lushly throughout the year. You can expect your shipment in one to three days after dispatch, depending on your destination. Our shipping destinations include Europe and the Middle-ast.

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