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We provide high quality Ethiopia tomatoes to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia tomatoes from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia tomato (solanum lycopersicum) grows in the warm climate of Eastern Ethiopia. It is a major source of nutrition for families who consume it in raw form as a fruit or feature it in stews known as wot. Its origin is in Central and Southern America. The Maya civilization may have grown it as a food 2500 years ago. Interestingly, during its discovery by the Portuguese and Spanish explorers in the New World in the 15th century, the foreigners regarded it with caution. The reason was its inviting color and its classification in the nightshade genus of poisonous plants.

We source our Ethiopia tomato from the Jimma and Wallaga areas. They belong to the Eastern Shoa (Shewa) zone that produces large and small varieties. One of these is the hybrid known as Galilea. The cultivar is hardy to climate change, requires little pest control and grows well under little water, and despite it all, it delivers a fruity tomato. It therefore has little minimum residual levels (MRLs), making it a major choice in the market.

The nutritional value of the tomato from Ethiopia is quite high in vitamins. A single fruit consists of around 5 percent of the daily value of vitamin A.Vitamin C is around 17 percent of the daily value, while water content is 94.5 grams. The lycopene in tomatoes is one of the highest among bright-colored vegetables, rivaling that of the carrot. Lycopene consists of the carotin extra-nutrient that has abilities to battle cancer.

During each harvest, of Ethiopia tomatoes, our produce agents guide the farmhands on how to use snips to cut the tomatoes without damaging the base next to the stalk. They wear work gloves and use knapsacks that have sterilizing liquids that disinfect the cutting tools and clusters of ripening tomatoes each time the picker cuts a berry. The reason for this is to overcome any post-harvest infection by boring insects. The workers put each single fruit inside the pack, ready for transportation by the waiting carting vehicles away from the morning heat.

In order to maximize returns for the hard-working farmers, we ensure an exhaustive picking of each row before going onto the next. This reduces the chances of leaving berries that may ripen and get damaged when it is too late to pick them in the next round.

Our packing parameters for Ethiopia tomatoes include the 25-pound (11.34 kilogram) boxes. We pack them in half a bushel produce crates. We deliver them from the farm in bulk crates under care and support to reduce damage of the delicate produce.

The final step in the packing process is the checking of quality. We remove any too immature or overripe berry before sealing the rest in grades. The largest weights are graded differently from the small ones. Most times each fruit may receive stickers to specify the grade or company, before it joins the others in the box, then the stack, and finally the transportation pallet.

You can be assured that all Ethiopia tomatoes from us undergo harvesting, packing and delivery on a single day. We understand the short shelf life of the produce and thus the concern with timely shipment. We deliver the fruit in a suitable 12° Celsius temperature that keeps the smell, aroma and taste fresh. Our prices are among the best in the region while our quality parameters are unrivaled. Furthermore, all our Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified farmers from regional agricultural cooperatives outdo themselves to bring you the best crop. To make an order, contact us today!

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