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We provide high-quality Uganda mangoes to the local and export market. We source our Uganda mangoes from family growers in the country.

Uganda mango is one of the major tropical fruit trees that thrive under the equatorial weather of the country straddling the equator. The Buganda people call it omuyembe, a name that closely resembles the Swahili name mwembe. The fruit is one of the few that thrive in areas that are relatively dry to plant other kinds.

Mangos first grew in East Africa, probably Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda in the 900s A.D. This is after their dispersal from Persian merchant travelers. They then spread to South Africa by trade in as late as the 17th century. Their origin, however, is India in the fifth century B.C.

Mangos are some of the best sources of fiber and vitamin C available. They supply the body with 6 percent of dietary fiber and 60 percent of the vitamin C needs daily. They also offer 5 percent of Vitamin B-6. Due to their light skin pigment when ripe, the stone fruit provides 21 percent of the daily value of vitamin A. Its potassium and magnesium content include 4 and 2 percent respectively.

We source at least three diverse kinds of Uganda mango. These include Small canopy, Medium canopy and large canopy. The latter classes contain native varieties including Boribo and Ssejjembe. The Medium canopy is made up of varieties that are either grafted or imported and these include Kent, Apple mango and Keitt. The Small canopy has such new cultivars as Florigon and Early Gold. They do not develop as fast as the other types.

We obtain our fruits from lands near major marketplaces including Mubende and Mityana. There are also mango groves near the capital, Kampala.  The fruits grow under very sustainable environments and thrive under organic conditions with no use of artificial fertilizer. All our farmers use no chemicals and own land that is less than two acres.

We harvest our mangos when they have reached a harvest-able age of between three and four and a half months. We direct our family growers only to reap fruits that have altered just enough to show a trace of yellow but are still firm with a shoulder-like appearance on the stalk end. We use long poles with round clippers for easing the fruits off the stalk without damaging them. We also hand-pick the mature pieces that easily snap off the branch when they are mature.

Our harvested Uganda mangos then go into a packing shed for sorting and grading. We select them by their size and color as well as the level of ripeness. Large fruits that are unripe form the first grade while small ones that are also unripe form the second grade. We cull any pieces that are yet to reach maturity, are spotted or have any sign of wilting.

We pack Uganda mango in CFB crates of 5 kilos per package. We also have larger crates that can contain up to 10 kilograms of fruits. We also have labeled carton pellets with sunken interiors that carry all the graded mangos in 5 to 10-kilo capacities.

We cool the fruits at between 10 and 12° Celsius. This keeps them for three to four weeks unspoiled.  There is also little risk of contracting chilling injury during this time. This is because we not only ensure the temperature remains stable but the ventilation comes through polythene wrapping material.

We transport the fruits under the same controlled conditions to ensure that they do not lose their freshness. When conveying the fruits by long distance to the sea in either Mombasa or Dar-es-Salaam, we ensure that all our trucks have cold storage equipment on board. We also convey them directly from the international airport in Entebbe. To maintain the flavor and fruity aroma, we ensure that there is ventilation and temperatures do not go below 10° Celsius during transportation.

Thus, if you are in search of one of the best tropical fruits around, you now have a partner to supply Uganda mangos. We offer at least three kinds containing such varieties as Kent, Boribo and Keitt, among other cultivars. They all come from family growers who practice organic agriculture. They also practice Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates. We also offer the fruits at quantities that meet your specific tonnage at any time of the year as the fruits mature at different times in the country. Our prices are quite low as we tailor them to complement your budget. Make an order today!

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