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Sizes 40-45mm thick, 12-20cm
Seasons Available throughout the year
Packing Packed in cartons or pallets, 15kg-18kgs
Storage Conditionsunripe bananas 15-21 degrees Celcius consume ripe bananas
Transport Conditions Temperature of 11 degrees Celsius
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Bananas have become a very popular fruit in the Southern African country. Angola bananas are highly consumed locally as a fruit when ripe and cooked when they are unripe. The fruit has also made its way to the international market and is now among the main export commodities of the country.

Bananas originated from the Southeast Asia region and are included in the list of firstfruits to be cultivated by man during the onset of agriculture. In Angola, the banana plantations are thriving greatly in the tropical plains.

Musa Sapentium or simply, banana, grow on a herbaceous plant and the bananas, which grow together hanging from the top of the plant in clusters. The fruit is yellow when ripe and is undoubtedly among the most consumed fruits.

Angola`s banana farming has remarkably increased over the years, bringing the fruit up to the most popular in the local market. The fruit has a wide range of uses starting from the leaves, which sometimes serve as decorations and the fruit used in various activities such as beer making and preparation of stews and salads.

Bananas are mostly grown in plantations which are made up of an estimate of 2000-3000 banana plants. The plantations have enabled the nation to at least be able to curb the significant issue of unemployment which faces the majority of the population, which is the youth. The bananas have also been a significant source of revenue for the country, which is experiencing an unstable economic situation.

The fruit now makes up for more than 50% of the nation`s total fruit exports. It is now among the country`s biggest export commodity after oil.

The cavendish bananas are the most common found in Angola. The breed of bananas is most common as it is easy to acquire and also maintain as a farmer. Its fruit is also of a preferable size and is also in the highest demand in the market.

It requires an average of about 2500mm of rain yearly and is more resistant to diseases as compared to other types. The Cavendish banana is characterized by its yellow colour when ripe and its slightly long fruit. Most people consider the Cavendish banana attractive to the eye when it is ripe.
The bananas also require an optimum temperature of between 22-30 degrees Celsius. The bananas are available throughout the year.

Angola bananas are harvested about two-three weeks before they are fully ripe. The harvesting is done by hand by the workers employed in the plantations using machetes to cut off the stalk carrying the bananas, so they come off as a bunch. If they are to be exported, they are packed mostly in wooden crates to await exportation. The bananas are stored in containers with controlled temperatures giving the produce an estimated shelf life of about two weeks.

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