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We provide high quality Ethiopia sugar snaps to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia sugar snaps from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia sugar snaps (Pisum sativum var. macrocarpon) provide a source of income to farmers who sell them to continental markets like South Africa and the overseas in the European Union. Though the export business is dominated by large plantations, small-scale farmers also constitute a growing force, with each family having between 1 and 1.5 hectares of cultivating land. Together with snow peas, sugar snaps registered some €0.5 million in the 2012 financial period. They differ from the snow pea in that they have more rounded pods compared to the flattened appearance of the latter.

The biggest buyers of the local snap peas from Ethiopia are Kenya-based intermediaries who provide shipments across the border. However, there has been increment of direct exports from the country, as the crop gets more support from the agro-services sector.

We source Ethiopia sugar snaps from the Jimma area to the southwest of the country. The area, which borders the Great Rift Valley has sub-tropical climate with hints of humid weather which is necessary for the growth of the crop. Our sources also come form Debre Zeit to the south-east of Addis baba. Family growers farm the crop through irrigation where rain is insufficient. The farmers plant the crops between August and September at the height of the rains, at temperatures of below 18° Celsius. The regions have the optimal sandy to loam soils that mixes with clay for providing well-drained growing conditions. Our crop comes straight from the farms and is therefore of higher quality than a greenhouse one.

The biggest nutritional value of sugar snaps from Ethiopia are the proteins which though just 2.8 grams, come in 18 different nutritional qualities, including phytonutrients like leucine and glycine. The total Vitamin C content is 72 percent of the daily requirements, with that of vitamin K representing 24 percent of the daily value. The crop also has high iron deposits of around 16 percent of the daily needs for boosting the blood oxygen, while manganese for strong beans and lowering the glucose levels in diabetics is 12 percent. The other important nutrient for good metabolism in both humans and animals is pantothenic acid or Vitamin B5, which represents 16 percent of the daily requirements in the podded pea.

We pack each shipment of Ethiopia sugar snaps in 4.5 kilogram produce boxes which can be crates that measure half a bushel. We ensure that each package is well sealed with top ice to keep the highly perishable pods in a good transportation condition. Upon delivery from the farm, we cart away the snap peas to the storage site where they are precooked before final shipment.

We store Ethiopia sugar snaps at very low temperatures of 2° to 4° Celsius to preserve the quality just like it were at the farm. During the transportation phase, we keep the produce box under refrigerated conditions.

We supply snap peas in season when winter sets in in Europe. You can expect multiple-ton shipments in season especially when you preorder the produce in the summer months. Our sources are the highlands of Ethiopia and some dry lands which use irrigation under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) mandate. Our produce passes through phytosanitary controls to ensure that it has less than 0.01% of the minimum residue levels (MRLs). We offer very competitive prices that reflect the market conditions while our quantity quite well matches your needs. Make an order today by just contacting us on this order page!

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