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We provide high-quality Rwanda shallots to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda shallots from family growers in the country.

Rwanda shallot (Allium cepa family member) is an onion-lookalike that is a common alternative to the red onion at pickling food.  It has some slightly different features including diminutive size that makes it a little different from its genus members. These differences made it once to classify in a family outside allium. The produce features reddish-colored bulbs that cling like clamps together. Its leaves too are different-colored from those of the scallion, especially the red or dark gray hue. In cooked form, this bulb has a mild taste. It grows mainly in the Northern and Southern provinces of Rwanda.

The origin of the shallot may have been in Central Asia at unknown dates. The city of Ashkelon mentioned in the Bible may have been an alternative origin.

The use of shallots during the preparation of a meal helps provide 13% proportion of eyesight health vitamin A nutrition. The other vitamin is B-6 which is present at 15% of the daily value.  The level of dietary fiber for proper digestion is 12% of the daily needs. The calcium levels stand at 3%, good enough margins for maintaining teeth health. The protein amount is around 5% per serving. The potassium level is present at 9%, a marginal volume for the prevention of high blood pressure.

We source Rwanda shallots from family growers in the Northern and Southern provinces. The crop is available most of the year next to onions. The farmers maintain an average of an acre of land which they can manage with farmyard manure. The minimal use of farm sprays helps to make their crop acceptable in the international market.

We harvest Rwanda shallots about 90 days from the date of planting. We begin when the foliage changes from green to a brownish gray color. Our experienced farmhands spade out the bulbs by carefully using forks on the ground. They then tip off the bulbs by hand. The exposed red corm has its fibrous roots intact.

We sort the healthiest from blemished shallots at our warehouses. We only retain uniform-sized, bruise-free bulbs which we cure for 2 to 3 days in racks that give them sun exposure. We remove any soil from the roots using brushes. We finally trim the leaves and stalks before we can pack the produce.

We pack Rwanda shallots regarding grades, with the superior quality or grade 1 having a separate box from grade 2. We pack the different grades in netted bags that offer proper aeration on transit. Each package weighs basic 11.3 kilograms. Our larger alternatives, though, go to double that weight to reach 22.6 kilograms.  We finalize the packing process by attaching produce labels inclusive of the produce name, the grade, the net weight, and the source.

We store Rwanda shallots in a reasonably dry, cool interior with proper ventilation and low lighting to help with curing. We reserve the temperatures at 5 degrees Celsius and below.

We transport the bulbs to Kigali International by our refrigerated vehicles that help maintain the pungency and freshness of this allium family produce. You can expect the cargo to reach your destination a day or two after departure depending on your part of the world.

We are therefore well-suited to offering you fresh Rwanda shallots right from family growers. Because all our supplies come from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified sources, you are assured of exceptional quality. You will also avail the cargo in a quantity that matches your specific request as we keep the volume a priority during sourcing. We also make our prices very affordable and fair to suit your budgetary allocation. Make an order today!




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