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We provide high-quality Rwanda lemon to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda lemon from family growers in Rwanda.

Rwanda lemon (Citrus limon Osbeck) is a citrus fruit with an oval shape, popular as a natural antiseptic. It serves in not only meals but medicine, tones the skin and sanitizes devices. The pulp is a common ingredient for making lemonade drinks and bakery products. In tea, the juice adds a mildly acidic, aromatic flavor. The sourness of the fruit comes from its pH of 2.2 and contrasting citric acid with its 5 to 6% concentration. The berry comes with a thick green skin with a bumpy texture. It turns yellow when ripe. Many believe that the fruit’s biological origin was from a cross between a sour orange and a citron.

The original home of the lemon is unclear but evidence points to the Indian subcontinent, particularly India, Burma and further north to China.

Lemon serves as a remedial antiseptic when applied externally. It is also a disease-fighting fruit when ingested. It has 88 percent of the daily value of vitamin C, its most abundant nutrient.  Dietary fiber which promotes digestion comes next at 11 percent per serving. The level of vitamin B-6 is 5 percent of the daily requirements. Iron, with its ability to sharpen brain function and boost oxygen transportation in blood is present at 3 percent per serving. Calcium and magnesium with their teeth- and bone health-improving qualities have 2 percent levels respectively in the fruit. This citrus fruit is also an alternative source of energy with 3 percent margins.

We source Rwanda lemons from Kicukiro district in Kigali Province, among other areas. We only contact family growers who own less than two acres of land. They keep their land fertile by diligent use of compost manure instead of commercial fertilizers. They also nurture the health of their lemon trees by minimizing the application of chemical sprays.

We harvest Rwanda lemons on the sixth month from the planting date. The tell-tale signs our produce agents go for include the full size of the fruit and the alteration of color to a lime yellow. Our workers pick only fruits that have attained 3 inches wide and are sizable enough to pick. They gently twist the fruit from the branch and cut it off with decontaminated nippers. They then remove the berries to baskets in a shaded area. From here the product is ready for final dissemination to the packing shed.

We sort Rwanda lemons immediately after their delivery at the packinghouse.  We look for firm, 3-inch-sized, lime yellow or mature green fruits to make the most excellent grade. These relatively large berries then undergo thorough washing. We check again for discolored or softened pieces which we discard. We rinse and dry the rest before packing.

We pack Rwanda lemons in designate horizontal cartons. The standard size is 18.2 kilos. However, we also have smaller packages of around 18.2 kilos. Our smaller, flexible packages come with a weight measure of 4.6 kilograms, while the lesser ones weigh 3.6 kilos. We also have jute bags with a capacity of 900 grams for the smallest, 1.4 kilograms for the intermediate and 2.3 kilos for the largest. All the produce features the name/variety, size, the net weight and source.

We store Rwanda lemons under different cool temperatures depending on the ripeness level. Green, mature fruits store well at 12 to 14 degrees Celsius for the next 21 days. The yellow, slightly ripe ones do well at 10 degrees Celsius for the next 1 ½ months.

We deliver the lemon cargo to Kigali International Airport on the same day of packing them courtesy of our special trucks with modified environment interiors. Give or take, this means that the produce will reach you in the next one to two days depending on your part of the world.

Whether ripe or unripe, there is nothing that beats Rwanda lemon in therapeutic and pharmaceutical qualities.  The fact that we source them from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified sources adds a quality element to these fruits. We also provide them in sufficient quantity that matches up to your tonnage request. As of price, we keep the lowest rates in the regional market to suit your financial allocation. Make an order today!


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