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We provide high-quality Rwanda mangoes to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda mangoes from family growers in the country.

Rwanda mango is a warm season fruit that most locals grow for both food security and retail in the eastern parts of the country. Farmers here produce all the major hybrid varieties like Kent, Tommy Atkins, and Keitt. It also has regional varieties like ngowe and apple mango.  Most of the fruits grow in the Eastern Province. The soils here are fertile and well drained. The tropical, warm weather of the region also gives the fruit a vibrant, healthy color.  The locals call this fruit tree umwembe in the Kinyarwanda vernacular.

Consuming mangoes is a ticket to disease immunity courtesy of the high margin of vitamin C at 60 percent of the daily value. The eyesight-improving vitamin A content of the bright-colored fruit is also significant at 21 percent of the daily requirements. The vitamin B-6 margin of the recommended margin per day from a mango stands at 5 percent. The level of calcium, which nourishes teeth enamel, is 1 percent per serving. The bone-strengthening magnesium levels off at 2 percent. The dietary fiber content from the fruit which promotes digestion is 6 percent per serving.

We source Rwanda mangoes from family sources in Gatsibo, Nyagatare, Ngoma and Kirehe, all in the Eastern Province. All our farmers’ orchards average between 1 to 2 acres. This makes it possible to manage the crop under farmyard manure. They also use chemical sprays minimally.

We pick Rwanda mangoes when some of the fruits have attained a faint red suffusion over the growing green shade. We also check for the firmness and the plumpness of the fruit which at this time also emits a slight aroma.

Our team conducts the harvest of Rwanda mangoes when fully clad in PPE, including gloves. They use sickles to lift the branches before they apply sharp knives on the stalks attaching to the fruits. They usually retain 1 to 5 centimeters of the stem intact.  The crew also employs long bamboo poles with catching nets to ease off the mature fruits on the hard-to-reach branches.

We sort the fruits regarding size, color, and shape. We remove any softened or overripe pieces. We also cull immature fruits which we artificially ripen for local resale.

We pack the graded Rwanda mangoes in small cartons with a capacity for 1.6 kilograms.  Our average weight package is about 4.5 kilograms while the largest is around 6 kilograms.  We use soft wax interiors in our cartons to ensure that the fruits remain fresh during transit. We finish off the packing phase by including the factual packing details including the date of packing, the net weight, cultivar name and the country of origin.

We store Rwanda mangoes in the cool, dry environment of our cold rooms at the temperature range of 5 to 7 degrees Celsius. We maintain a relatively high relative humidity of between 90 and 95%.  We keep a grip on the same temperature range during the transportation of the cargo to the airport in Kigali courtesy of our hydro-cooled trucks. You can expect the shipment to make it to your destination in a day or two after dispatch.

In short, when sourcing for the perfect warm-weather fruits from Eastern Africa, you may as well start with our Rwanda mangoes. We only deal with family growers who cultivate the fruits under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) terms. We also fulfill the quantity mandate by being handy with surplus from our contracted farmers. We keep the prices quite affordable to meet your budgetary needs. Make an order today!

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