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Produce Mali Mangosteen
Common name Purple mangosteen, Garcinia mangostana
Size Tree 31feet, leaves 6-10 inches long, fruits size of a small orange
Variety Roxas purple
Seaon Annual rainfall 1500mm, temperatures 25-30degrees Celsius, June to 0ctober
Storage and packing Wash, check for quality and sort according to size. Packed in polythene bags
Transport conditions Refridgerated trucks 6-12 degrees celsius
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Mali mangosteen is a tropical fruit with a tough brownish-purple skin. The skin appears hard but is easy to cut when the fruit is ripe. It has a soft, white flesh that has a sweet and sour flavor.

This fruit is costly, mainly because it comes from a plant that’s very difficult to grow. Typically a mangosteen tree takes about 14years before it finally starts to bear fruit. The tree strives in averagely wet soil and cannot withstand salty air and high altitude.

The mangosteen is also known as the purple mangosteen. Perhaps because of the purple case that surrounds it. It is also scientifically known as Garcinia mangostana. 

The mangosteen tree grows up to 31 feet in height and grows wider and thicker as it develops. It is characterized by lush, green leaves that appear glossy on the upper surface while the underside is greenish-yellow and matte. These leaves are about 6-10 inches long. The fruit is round and slightly flat at the top and bottom and is the size of a small orange.

For the longest time, there has been only one variety of Mali mangosteen. Mali has primarily been producing this particular variety. However, with increased trade in the country, there has been an introduction of a new type called the Roxas purple mangosteen.

This is a seedling variety of the mangosteen that presents a semi spreading growth pattern. It flowers earlier than its counterpart and has an average weight of about 65kg.

Mali mangosteen are widely available between June and October because of the wet and cold temperatures at this time of the year. This tropical fruit does well in areas with average rainfall spread throughout the year and temperatures of 25-30 degrees Celsius. They are planted among taller plants such as bananas for them to provide shade in extreme sunshine as the seedlings cannot stand direct sunlight. 

The fruits are handpicked once mature and later cleaned and checked for damage. They are then sorted according to size and packed in polythene bags and later refrigerated as they await shipping. They are then packed into boxes, making sure as many of them are in a box as possible to minimize movement during transport, thus avoiding damage. It is essential to keep the fruits in cold conditions to preserve quality and freshness.

Mali mangosteen are transported using specialized, refrigerated trucks at a temperature of below six degrees Celsius. The vehicles are also insulated to control fluctuating temperatures during transport. In the case of container shipping, the container must be clean and well ventilated to allow for air circulation.

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