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We provide high quality Ethiopia shallot to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia shallots from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia shallot (Allium cep a var. aggregatum) is an onion lookalike plant but smaller in size than the red onion. Ethiopians use it as a food preparation vegetable and often overlook the onion in its favor.

The Ethiopia shallot owes its origin to the global variety whose native home was southwestern or central Asian regions in unknown times. Interestingly, its name was from the Biblical city of Ashkelon, where most southern Europeans who later traded with Asia Minor thought the produce came from.

The Ethiopia variety of Shallot is a spin off from the subspecies var. ascalonicum Backer. The locals eat each of its parts, including the spicy bulb that helps prepare the typical wot stew. The leaves receive the same consumption as scallions (green leaves of immature onions). It also grows faster than the onion, with a high resistance to dry weather and pests. For this reason, it grows organically with little need for chemical sprays.

We source Ethiopia shallot from the Eastern parts bordering Somalia and Eriteria. The region provides the perfect sub-humid growth conditions in the tropics, featuring warm and wet weather patterns. Most family growers use irrigation canals to boost yields. Our other sources include the Western Rift Valley where a new variety known as Vethalam does well. The average yield in the area is around 16.5 tons for each hectare.

As a spicy vegetable, the Ethiopia shallot contains high sugar content at 7.87 grams, with starch levels of 16.8 grams. Its vitamin C content is 10 percent while the highest mineral composition is manganese, for strong bone formation, at 14 percent of the daily value.

We pack shallots in a similar manner as dry onions. We first cure them, by exposure to the sun for a few hours. Because they keep better than onions, they require less drying. We then grade the best in separate packs of 25 pound bags with meshes. There are also bag meshes of at least 50-pound capacity.

Before each export of Ethiopia shallots, we ensure that the package meets phytosanitary guidelines. Our warehouse and post-harvest experts clean the produce boxes and ready them for preserving the produce before each harvest. We deliver the produce on the same day of picking to the warehouse for sorting and grading. We then ready the shipment to meet the client’s specified date.

Transportation and storage go hand-in-hand. We store the shallots from Ethiopia at 0° Celsius and no more than 4° Celsius. Though needed dry, we keep them at a relative humidity of 60 to 70 percent to retain the mass and firmness. Under these parameters, the produce can stay for half a year in a fresh condition.

We are, therefore, your one-stop suppliers of high quality Ethiopia shallot from the farmlands of mainly eastern Ethiopia. Our prices are quite generous and reflect more than the reigning market condition. Furthermore, our family suppliers in the country have joined agricultural cooperatives that help certify them with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates. This ensures that you avail chemical-free, spicy vegetable right from the heart of the farming belt. Make an order today!

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