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We provide high-quality Uganda strawberries to the local and export market. We source our Uganda strawberries from family growers in the country.

Uganda strawberry thrives in the west of the country under rain-fed agriculture. Though Uganda also produces export varieties, most farms have fresh subsistence types such as Selekta and Chandler. The country has a favorable climate and loamy soils with hints of sand at the neutral pH of 5.0 to 5.5 under which the fruit trees thrive. The origin of strawberries was in Roman times in the wild before they began cultivation by French kings in the late 14th century. By the end of the 1700s A.D., the initial full-fledged orchard for the fruits grew in France.

The uses of Uganda strawberries range from raw consumption to processing food preserves. In terms of value addition, the berries are a major ingredient for jams, muffins, toppings and pies. They are also in use as frozen snacks and natural flavoring for dairy. Popular mentions include milkshake and ice cream with strawberry topping and flavor. They also make cereal bars.

Consumption of strawberries provides a high content of the immunity nutrient, vitamin C at 71 percent of the daily value. The level of manganese is second highest at 18 percent while that of folate is 6 percent of the daily value. Each fruit also contains 3 percent potassium for balancing the electrolyte levels in the blood. Other beneficial tidbits of strawberries are that they keep a healthy balance of the skin’s pH. This makes the skin glow and be well-nourished.

We source Uganda strawberry from the main source in the western parts of the country. The key types that we transact include June bearers, Day Neutral cultivars and Ever bearers. Our family growers in Kabale farm them under Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) conditions. They also own less than two acres of land, which means that their produce thrives under similar growth patterns as those for food crops. They ensure perpetual supply as their plots are small enough to water by hand during the dry spell.

We harvest Uganda strawberries when they have attained one to one and a half months after flower formation. We, first of all, pick the red berries which indicate mature fruits verging on ripeness. The harvesting duration lasts for about three weeks, during which our farmhands return to the field each third day after the last picking bout. We use pruners to carefully cut the stem of the cluster without pulling it and then keep them it in the basket for transportation to the packing shed.

We pack Uganda strawberries in open-top mesh bags or baskets. We also have transparent clamshell containers. We first put the clusters of fruits in reinforced fiberboard trays before insertion into the larger containers.

We store Uganda strawberries at freezing point (0° Celsius) at a relative humidity of 90 to 95 percent. It is however recommended to transfer the fruits from their cold storage as soon as they reach the buyer so that they do not lose some of their flavors. We also maintain the same temperature gradient during the surface transportation phase to the airport in Entebbe via special trucks.

We are therefore your one-stop source of Uganda strawberries that come from the ‘Pearl of Africa.’ We obtain the fruits from family growers who usually follow strict organic farming means with little use of sprays and depend on farmyard manure for soil enrichment. We are also quite efficient at keeping the quantity at the exact amount that you request. The same applies to our rates which are among the lowest in the market. Make your order today!


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