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We provide high quality Ethiopia graviolas to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia graviolas from family growers from eastern Ethiopia.

A smallish shrub that is just below 6 meters in height, Ethiopia graviola (Anona muricata) is a common tropical fruit in the trading centers of the country. It is usually a sizable fruit that is between 15 and 20 centimeters wide. The fruit’s hue is a bright green or yellow with whitish succulent edible content. The original home of the fruit tree is South America, principally Brazil, in the heart of the Amazon rain forest. In these countries it is common as soursop, custard apple and guanabana. The tree provides two vital content, namely the fruit and the leaf. The latter undergoes processing for tea production and culinary uses.

We source our Ethiopia graviola from Harar in the eastern Ethiopia highlands. The area suits the ideal elevation of growing the tea-making and fruit producing tree of around 1000 meters above sea level. Because of the conducive subtropical weather, the local fruits have a mass of as high as 6.8 kilos.

There is ongoing debate about the potential of graviola as treatment for cancer. Their high mineral and antioxidant content, with 5 percent magnesium and 5 percent of vitamin B-6 may have a role to play. The highest vitamin component is C, at 34 percent of the daily value, for boosting natural immunity. Generally, the fruit serves as a mood enhancer, antibiotic, skin inflammation cure and intestinal soother. The fruit also features in the processing of nectars, juice, and confectionaries. It is also common in the flavoring of ice cream varieties.

Our Ethiopia graviola enjoys only hand picking and selection. The same goes for the fresh table fruits and the leaves. For the leaves, our workers only select ones that have matured with the evidence being the sprouting of new buds underneath the main leaves. We select the fruits, which are usually spikily, for packaging whole. For processing purposes, we extract the toxic seeds and the outer skin, as the rest of the flesh is edible.

We pack both fruits and fresh leaves of Ethiopia graviola. For fruits, we produce custom vacuum-sealed cartons with as little as 1 kilogram per several fruits.

We pack around 500 to 600 fresh leaves of Ethiopia graviola per 8-ounce bag. Since only four leaves are necessary to provide a single or two cups of graviola tea, this package can offer an indefinite supply of the end-product. All the packaged leaves undergo vacuum packaging to conserve their fresh, field aroma.

We then pack the 8-ounce bags into cartons that have perforations. Each carton can contain up to 63 or less of the vacuum sealed bags. The exact delivery time depends on your part of the world but you can expect your order to leave the Bola International airport on the specified order date.

If you would like to get more information about our Ethiopia graviola, get in touch with our team today. We supply the fruit and leaves under phytosanitary conditions that have passed through the Ethiopia Plant Heath and Regulatory Directorate. Our pricing is very competitive, while the shipment is in the right quantity per your request. Get in touch today or make an order!

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