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We provide high-quality Rwanda haricot bean to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda haricot beans from family growers in the country.

A variation of the common bean or ibiyimbo in Kinyarwanda, Rwanda haricot bean (from Phaseolus vulgaris L.) refers to the pearl-shaped pod seed with cream or bright brown color. It is a common sight in the market due to its plumpness and striking egg-like shape. Its alternative names away from Rwanda include pea bean, haricot or navy bean. The last term comes from the United States. It thrives well in the Central African highlands of Rwanda as well as Burundi, especially in the Rwandese south.

The origin of the haricot bean was continental Americas, including the north and south landmasses. It might have come to Rwanda from Tanzania, a neighboring country that began growing it 300 years ago.

Regular consumption of haricot beans provides lush amounts of protein. There is also high metabolism-enabling vitamin B-6 of around 10% of the daily needs.  The other high nutrient is immunity-giving vitamin C at 31% per serving. The mineral department is headed by magnesium with 31% margin per day. Potassium is present at 8% per serving, a good enough amount for balancing blood electrolytes. Iron with its chronic disease prevention abilities is present at 10% of the recommended daily amount. This legume also offers an energy level of 4% of the daily value.

We source Rwanda haricot beans from family sources in the Southern Province and other parts of the land. Our farmers cultivate the beans next to other legumes for nutrient exchange. Our farmers use pesticides sparingly. They also apply farmyard manure instead of chemical sprays during cultivation.

Our harvesting of Rwanda haricot beans begins when the leaves have yellowed and wilted in the first or third month after planting. We use sickles to lift the pods and garden scissors to cut the stems. We uproot the entire plant and deliver it in the threshing point.

During threshing, we use rolling pins over the dried pods trapped between two tarpaulins to remove the seeds. Otherwise, we employ manual means to remove the seeds from the pods by hand. The de-hulling can also take place through efficient machines in our premises that do the task fast. We sort the beans by their appearance, size, and disease-free condition.

We then pack Rwanda haricot beans in either of three formats: carton, plastic/wooden crate or produce boxes. We begin with a standard measure of 6.8 kilos. We also go for the larger 12-and 14-kilo alternatives. Irrespective of the size, we make sure that the cargo remains in a cooling area before it is ready for shipping.  We finalize the process with the placement of labels inclusive of the name, the packing date, the weight measure and the country of origin.

We store Rwanda haricot beans in a cool, dry environment. We maintain cold temperatures of between 7 and 13 degrees Celsius. We also keep a relative humidity of between 85 and 95%.

We transport the cargo of fresh Rwanda haricot beans to Kigali International Airport on the same day of packing.  The expeditious delivery via our refrigerated vehicles ensures that the shipment will be at your door in a day or two after dispatch.

Therefore, if you are after a good variation of the common bean, then our Rwanda haricot beans is worth your consideration. We source the produce from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified parts of the country. This means that there is always a quality guarantee in our supplies. Furthermore, we keep the tonnage exact by ensuring we obtain the produce in surplus.  We seal the deal with fair and competitive prices that suit your budget. Make an order today!

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