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We provide high quality Ethiopia green chili to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia green chili from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia green chili (C. annum) came into Ethiopia in the period between the early 1500s to the late 1700s A.D., through Portuguese traders. In the country, the spice is eaten as a vegetable curry when still immature and green. It goes under the term Karia. In most homes, it is a part of the diet where people spray the green cuttings, uncooked, onto ready mills. In processed powder form, it serves as a sauce by the name of Wot. When in a ripened condition, it turns from green chili into Berebere in the local lingo. The country has the second biggest area of chili pepper plantation on the globe, totaling more than 246000 hectares.

Ethiopia green chili belongs to the Capsicum family and usually undergoes harvesting while still green. When ripe, it changes into red or yellow hues and as such serves as pepper. The best known variety is the Green Bird’s Eye which is small and green in appearance. It serves as a vegetable because of its high vitamin content, that ranges from A, K and C. The chili’s capsaicin content is not as high as that of a ripe pepper which can consist of twofold such value.

Eating green chili provides the body with at least 181.9mg worth of the Vitamin C composition, which is above 100% of the daily value. For those with water deficiency in their body, the spicy vegetable also comes with 8.9% of the daily value of vitamin K. This vitamin helps promote blood clotting especially during bleeding and prevents dehydration.

We source our Ethiopia green chili from all parts of the country at an altitude of between 1400 meters to 2120m where the plant thrives under rainy conditions. We also source it from lowlands of the country where family growers cultivate it in regions of slightly above 600 meters above sea level. Our main varieties include Bako Local as well as Marko Fana. The first variety develops lengthy pods which ripen into a reddish color. The other variety turns into a deep shade of red when ripe. It has a triangular appearance on the plant, and has a high capsacain content when ripe.

We select Ethiopia green chilis by the purpose the client needs for them. For instance, green chilis that go into canning require harvesting when they are flat-podded and have attained a length of 15 centimeter. For ready-to-eat types, our produce agents guide farmers to pick only ones that have attained a deep shade of green and are firm to the touch.

Due to the fast deterioration of exposed chilis, we immediately deliver the harvest each morning to a shady place prior to transportation to cooler storage. Because just at harvest they consist of as high as 32° Celsius in pulp temperature, we subject them to cooling in just one hour after harvesting. We hand-select them and then place them inside baskets, prior to delivery to the packing area in bins. Before packing them, we wash them in water with little amount of chlorine that cleanses them into purity.

We pack the Ethiopia green chili in 1.3 bushel cartons that can store up to 30 points (15 kilograms) of the pods. The cartons come with ventilation holes at the top and sides to allow in cool air. We then place the cartons into standard boxes that we place onto pallets for transportation to the airport. All our packed cartons consist of either polyethylene or plastic linings to enhance moisture retention. Additionally, we pack our Ethiopia green chili under frozen conditions inside waterproof custom bags that undergo waxing.

If you are seeking for that high quality shipment of Ethiopia green chili, look no further than from us. We source our produce from only family growers with an organic growing record. Our prices are the most competitive in the market and reflect the international quality parameters that rival those of Mexican original chili. Make an order today!

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