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We provide high quality Rwanda kales to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda kales from family growers in Rwanda.

Rwanda kale (Brassica oleracea var. acephala) is sometimes confused with colewort and collard greens which go under the common name sukuma wiki, all over East Africa. Though not actually as common as colewort (sukuma wiki), people indiscriminately refer to all these similar vegetables as ‘kales.’  The difference lies in the appearance of the leaves: for the kale, the leaves are acephalous, meaning that they lack the dome of a cabbage. They also have dusty green or purple colors. Colewort and collards differ in the respect that they are only green-colored. Some varieties of kale are curly like spinach with their sprightly leaves while most are broad-leafed.

The kale may have origins in the near east as well as the southeastern part of the Mediterranean around 2000 B.C. The different species known as Ethiopian kale comes from the horn of Africa country where it originated about 1st century A.D.

Partaking of Rwanda kales gives the body about 200% of the daily needs of vitamin C. This is two times the portion needed to naturally protect the body against diseases. The level of vitamin A, which enhances eyesight, comes in at 199%, an equally impressive level. The vitamin department closes with B-6 with its margin of 15% per serving.  In the mineral department, calcium leads with 15% of the daily needs, a good enough margin for giving teeth enamel protection. The iron margin for keeping the hemoglobin part of blood pure is 8% per serving. The carbohydrate margin in the kale is also marginal at 3%, while that of protein clocks in at 8%. Potassium, which controls blood pressure, comes in at 14% of the recommended daily amount.

We source Rwanda kale from Gicumbi, the vegetable basket of the country, situated in the Northern Province. The cool weather of this region provides the optimal 20 degrees of growing the crop. On our part, we go for family growers with no more than 2 acres of land. We also go for sources that cultivate their crops with farmyard compost and apply little or no pesticides.

We pick Rwanda kales just 45 days after the seeding date. The early maturing leaves will by now have attained a dusty green color and have reached 10 inches long. Our glove-clad family hands pick the leaves by hand and let the inner ones shoot on for the next picking bout. We do a repeat harvest in the next 7 days.

Immediately after bringing the cartload of fresh kales to the packing bay, we sort them into bunches. We go for those that are green-tinted, are smooth-textured and have no sign of pests. We sort the healthy leaves into bunches of 6 to 12 pieces. We secure each bunch with natural fibers or rubber bands. We then wash and rinse them to remove insects before we pass them to the packing bay.

Our packed Rwanda kales come in packages of 2.2 kilos. Each of these contains a number of bunches in single-layered formation inside ½ bushel size boxes. Our larger boxes come with a capacity of 5.8 kilos with 1 1/9th bushel size. We inject one kilogram of solid or liquid ice for each two kilograms of the produce. Finally, we stick self-adhesive produce labels that feature the name, packing date, the net weight and the delivery date of the produce.

Our storage parameters for Rwanda kales are primarily cool at 0 degrees Celsius.  Our hydro-cooled trucks deliver the produce to the airport in Kigali as expeditiously as possible so that the cargo will be at your destination within a day of dispatch.

We are thus well-equipped at providing you with that pale green delicacy that is Rwanda kales. We source the produce from Global good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified parts of the country. We always keep attuned to the correct quantity by growing the leafy green in surplus via our family growers. Besides, our prices are among the lowest in the regional produce market as we strive to make them affordable to all buyers. You can start by making an order today!

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