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We provide high-quality Rwanda watermelon to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda watermelon from family growers in the country.

Rwanda watermelon (Citrullus vulgaris) is a water-filled and vitamin K-rich berry that grows to a large, round size on its short vines. Though a new introduction to the Great Lakes region’s country, it has become an important cash crop with an average size melon going for 1000 Rwandan Francs. The crop bears the local name indimu melon in Kinyarwanda. It grows mostly in the Eastern Province of the country under both rain-fed and irrigated conditions. The water-demanding crop thrives under warm conditions of 25 degrees Celsius to produce a good matter reserve of 92 percent water content.

Eating watermelon is a ticket to health. With 92% water content, the fruit is a highly rehydrating alternative during hot weather. Its vitamin C reserves are around 13 percent per serving.  It has approximately 2 percent of magnesium concentration, which helps to keep bones healthy. The energy mostly comes from the 2 percent starch volumes. The 11 percent proportion of potassium in the fruit makes it an excellent alternative for diuretic function in the kidneys.

We source Rwanda watermelon from Kayonza district in the Eastern Province. A majority of farmers have less than 2 acres of land which they manage under farmyard compost. They also abstain from too much reliance on chemical sprays.

We pick Rwanda watermelon when it has been on the farm for at least 2 ½ months. For the late maturing variety, we wait for half a month later until the crop reaches three months on the farm. We look for the withering of vines which indicates maturity. We use the services of experienced farmhands to carefully cut the base of each fruit by a sharp knife and retain part of the stalk for handling purposes. We keep the pieces in a shaded place before transportation to the packinghouse for sorting, grading, and packing.

We grade Rwanda watermelon after sorting them. We give the firmest, mature, semi-ripe and uniform-sized fruits the first grade known as Fancy. The second grade which goes under the market term. No. 1 has all the attributes of Fancy, including no sign of disease on the smooth-skinned fruits. The only shortcoming is that it may be of a different size or cultivar. We also have a 3rd grade known as No.2. This has all the quality attributes of the premium fruits but may lack a uniform size for all the pieces.

We pack Rwanda watermelon in bins by the count. The corrugated containers are best for the cultivars that develop thick skins and thus are less prone than the rest to external injuries. Each of the bins can house around 317.5 kilograms of the watermelons.

We also have custom cartons for thin-skinned cultivars. These have basic capacities of 22.6 and 27.6 kilograms. They are best for both thin-skinned and small-sized fruits.  We use internal sunken trays per box to house each fruit snugly. We separate them with soft wax material to keep them free of friction during travel. All our cartons are new to reduce microbial contamination from old ones.  We seal each securely by tape before labeling it with the number of pieces, the net tonnage, and the source.

We store Rwanda watermelon in the temperature range of 10 and 15.5 degrees Celsius. We keep the produce in a cold room environment under cool, dry conditions.

We transfer the c fresh cargo of Rwanda watermelon to the airport in Kigali on the same day of packing.  The dispatch will, therefore, make it to your destination in the space of between 24 and 48 hours.

In short, if you are after one of the lushest sources of nutritious water in fruit, then Rwanda watermelon courtesy of us fits the bill. Since we make our sourcing from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family growers, we give a guarantee of fresh quality. We also keep up with the seasonal demand by having our farmers grow surplus to meet your specific tonnage. Our prices as always reflect your budget as we make them affordable. This is why you need to make an order today!

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