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Selina Wamucii provides fresh and healthy Kenya graviola to the local and export market, mainly ssourced from family growers.

Ever heard of soursop? Perhaps yes, for Graviola, a smallish, straight fruit tree of the Annona family to which custard apple belongs, is one of the most mysterious fruits, all for good reasons.

Firstly, it originally thrived, and still does, in mostly humid environs, but now since propagation to the tropics has taken over the clime and even, scientists say, ‘invaded’ it. Though the evidence is still scant, the fruit’s antioxidant compounds are a herbal cancer remedy.

History and Etymology of Kenya Graviola

Locally known as Gubayano, soursop has no known cradle but botanists trace it back to Latin America and the Caribbean islands. However, its knowledge does not end there for we know its Latin name is anon muricata, and its appearance is shortish (between 5 to 7 meters high), broad-leafed, with shiny edges, and for a plant so meagre it bears between 2 to 5kg per fruit. The fruit is oval, pear shaped and green in tint.

The popular belief for the alternative name, soursop, is that it has a warmly bitter taste, but which still has its savoriness.

Selina Wamucii sources Kenya Graviola from family farmers who grow it with abandon like the free plant it is in their gardens.  The fruit tree thrives in loose, deep, well-drained loam soils with a pH of between 6.1 and 6.5. Blossoming of flowers occurs 24 to 48 months after planting, and it has a fruition period year-round, with the highest yields in May and June.

Health benefits

Cancer treatment:  Due to active acetogenins, extracts from sour soup have proved to have a similar mode of ability as chemotherapy medicine. It is still a contested issue that gubayano actually heals tumors, but scientists forward its abilities at curbing the genesis of cancer in the body.

Skin contamination: when you apply a mash of dried Graviola leaves on a cut, bruise or pimple, the inflammation or swelling will be over sooner than you expect. As an immunity-boosting herbal remedy, Kenya Graviola is also a sure shot against resistant acne.

Anemia: Iron deposits in Gubayano are more than you can find in supplements, a reason to take several servings of the fruit a day to boost the number of red blood cells in the body and prevent anemia onset.

Cholesterol:  With its Niacin nutrient that cuts body fat, it is time you tried soursop as a way to shed some extra pounds.

Digestive system and bowel infection: If you need a fruit rich in fiber other than a mango to keep your digestive system in par without constipation incidences, then graviola is the perfect remedy. It lowers bowel infection by boosting urine acidity to kill bacteria that blocks the urinary tract.

Booting immunity: With Kenya Graviola, you have a rich source of vitamin C, a way to ward of respiratory problems and, overall, improve your body’s ability to resist diseases/infections.

Pregnancy: Gubayano has Folate, a compound that overcomes deficiency in expectant mothers to curb miscarriage.

The thiamin component in the fruit helps convert extra starch into usable energy. The potassium compound in the fruit strengthens muscles against becoming weak. Soursop is also a rich source of riboflavin, a major migraine and headache preventative compound.

Kenya graviola consists of Vitamin b1 and Vitamin b2, both essential in the overall healthy functioning of the human body.

There you have it. Graviola, a fruit that was once grown in other lands is now having a heavy presence. Do make that call and we will be glad to serve you.

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