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Produce Egypt Strawberries
Common Name Strawberry
Variety Fortuna, Winter star, Red Merlin, Festival.
Size 2 inches in length A little over an inch in diameter
Season Starts in November and ends in April
Packing Specifiation Boxes and plastic trays. 250grms punnets
Transport Condition Frozen are transported in refrigerators Fresh fruits require a dark atmosphere with ventilation
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The strawberry is known in the west as the ”queen of the fruits”. They are low in calories, delicious and rich in carbohydrates. Egypt strawberries have a higher vitamin C content compared to other citrus fruits. The fruit can be eaten fresh, used in pastry, desserts, cocktails, and fruit salads. It can also be made into juice or blended into milkshakes and smoothies.

Strawberries are a widely grown fruit of the hybrid Fragaria. Strawberries belong to the soft-fruits group and are considered the best of berries. The fruit has a delicate shape from oblate to short-wedge, with sizes that vary with variety. Its outer skin is bright red, and the fruit itself is sweet, juicy, aromatic, with around 200 edible seeds. The Egypt strawberry plant is short and grows to a maximum of 12 inches. The leaves sizes vary according to season; the old leaves that are dark green die in winter, and the young bright green ones grow in spring. The fruit size is 2 inches long, with just over an inch in diameter. 

The strawberries culture started late. Its first botanic illustration that got documented was in 1454, and throughout the ages, it has been depicted in paintings and used in stories and literature. The fruit was first grown in a garden in France in the late18th century. 

Egypt has 5,245 hectares of its land covered with strawberry produce. The governorates that grow strawberries are Ismailia, Beheira, and Qaluobia.

Red Merlin variety widely grows in Egypt; the fruit is full of flavor and has a shiny red skin color and keeps the color after harvest. Fortuna has excellent taste and a bright red glossy skin. The bright red skin on Winter star darkens a little after cold storage. It also has low acidity. Festival has excellent flavor, long shelf life, and medium red skin color.

The Egypt strawberries season runs from November to April. The Mediterranean climate of Egypt, fertile soils and geographic location contribute immensely to the production of quality fruits, and the leveled fertile lands give it an advantage. Egypt strawberries require low temperatures to grow with the ideal temperature being 60°F -80°F and between 6 to 10 hours of direct sunlight.

Egypt strawberries are harvested after 4 to 5 months since planting. The fruits are fully ripe before then because they don’t ripen after picking. The harvesting is done every day by hand. During harvesting, the cups and a quarter-inch of the stem are left attached to the fruit. The fruit gets packed in boxes and transparent plastic trays, covered with a plastic bag weighing a maximum of 5kilograms. The fruits are refrigerated or stored fresh in a ventilated dark place. 

Egypt is among the top five strawberries exporters and first among the Arab countries in production and exportation. Internationally, it is among the fastest-growing sellers of frozen strawberries. Egypt exports approximately 40,000,000 tons of fresh and frozen fruits to countries in Europe, America, Southern Asia, the Gulf States, and The Middle East.

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