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We provide high quality Ethiopia lemon to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia lemon from family growers from Ethiopia.

With a combined acreage of 1100 hectares together with lime, Ethiopia lemon is an important citrus fruit with herbal qualities. It features in both food garnishing and medicinal purposes. It is also a great natural disinfectant that is applicable in cleaning and scrubbing agents. In some societies, the pulp serves in baked products. The sour, aromatic taste of the fruit’s juice enriches some of the well-known lemonade soft drinks.

In culture, Ethiopia lemon is synonymous with teasing and love parades. In the country, it is a romantic symbol that features in many wedding celebrations each January of the year.

Lemon is renowned for its anti-pathogen action. It heals inflammation, brightens the skin with daily use and heals pimples. Its pectin fiber which comes from a squeezed fruit is one of the natural weight loss remedies around. The fiber reduces the cholesterol level as it burns the bad fat in the body leaving only the good cholesterol.

Each slice of Ethiopia lemon offers 88 percent of the daily value of vitamin C. It also comes with around 5 percent of the vitamin B-6 needs. The dietary fiber concentration in the fruit is 2.8 grams or 11 percent of the daily requirements. Each slice of the bitter fruit has 0 percent fat, meaning it is good for burning away cholesterol.

We source Ethiopia lemon from the Melkassa area that lies in the southeast of the country as well as the Upper Awash Valley. The latter part is in the central region of the country. Each family grower has an orchard in which lemons, especially the non-grafted varieties grow next to oranges and other citrus fruits. Our family growers irrigate their fields using canal water from the valley. They use farmyard manure as fertilizers and rarely spray their fruits to ensure food safety.

Our produce agents oversee the harvesting of Ethiopia lemon. They recommend the picking of the fruits soon as they have attained a dark green hue. Per request, they may also go for those with slight hints of yellow. They only pick the ones that are firm to the touch as these have a longer shelf life than the softened ones. Each fruit is usually two to three inches in width when we pick it.

We pack Ethiopia lemon using sizable cartons of between 15 and 30 pounds or 7 to 15 kilograms. We choose the open top design over the telescopic design when shipping the produce to sensitive markets like the European Union. We employ sealed cartons with perforations to the Middle-east and other markets around the globe.

We store Ethiopia lemons under 15° Celsius in cold rooms that reduce contamination. The fruits can stay in such conditions for months. We also transport them to the airport in Addis Ababa via well-kept trucks with interior atmospheric conditioning. The package reaches you one to two days after dispatch depending on the shipping distance.

Therefore, if you would like an exotic cargo of a powerful fruit, then choose Ethiopia lemon which grows under the enriching African sun. We source our fruits from the volcanic soils of the country and only from family growers. We make sure that our farmers have obtained Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) for the produce acceptance into the reseller markets. As for price, our remuneration is unbeatable across the region as we tailor it to suit your budget. Make an order today directly on this page!

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