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We provide high-quality Uganda spinach to the local and export market. We source our Uganda spinach from family growers in the country.

In Uganda, the spinach is much more than a typical kitchen vegetable: it also graces parlors in a glassful made of its juice with a sprinkling of sugar and nakati plant juice.  In appearance, the spinach (Spinachia oleracea) is a kale lookalike only that it has a tender, good-looking green tinge in its leaves. The other distinguishing feature is the smooth-textured, near-curled look of the broad leaves with a white, wide stalk in the midrib. The vegetable does not belong to the same class as the kale as it comes from the family of the amaranth. The plants are fast growing with the harvest ready in as little as two months after planting.

The spinach originated in Western Asia, perhaps modern-day Iran, before it dispersed into Nepal and then to other parts of the globe.

Uganda spinach is typical of the world varieties which are resilient to weather forces. It grows in water-deficient areas in such forms as Hector, Malabar, and New Zealand cultivars.  It is common to grow during the long rains that start in the third month of the year.

Just like amaranth, spinach has a high amount of vitamin C (46 percent) of the daily value. It, however, beats all other vegetables with its extremely high vitamin A content of 188 percent. It also consists of high iron content (15 percent) and magnesium (19 percent) of the daily needs. Other minerals include calcium (9 percent) and potassium (15 percent). Other vitamins include B-6 (10 percent).  For proper digestion, eating spinach provides the body with 8 percent of the daily value of dietary fiber.

We source Uganda spinach from various parts of the country that range from the west to the central region. The farmers in Kampala have also taken to the art of cultivating the crop, which they do in sacks that they water in their backyards. Our family growers in the dual areas provide us with a plant grown under farmyard manure with little or no use of farm sprays. Furthermore, they practice their art of farming in less than two acres of land.

We pick Uganda spinach on its 40th to 65th day after seed germination.  Our trained workers look for leaves that are broad and are in the outer parts and cut them one by one. In case the entire plant fully blossoms, we cut it at least 2.5 centimeters from the ground level so that it can continue to grow because it has new buds to perpetuate fresh leaf sprouting.  All our workers wear gloves and use farm scissors or sawed knives to do the cutting.

Before packing, we place the spinach in a sink containing warm water. We rinse the leaves and then put them on a drying mat. We cross-check for any spot of soil that taints the leaves and re-rinse them. We then hang the leaves in a well-circulated place where they can drain the excess water.

We pack Uganda spinach in bunches of half a dozen leaves in produce boxes with film linings for preservation. We also keep them in large bundles of 24 pieces. For longer shelf life, we wrap the vegetables in polythene bags with vents to maintain their storage temperature and allow air circulation. We stick food labels on every package with such indications as of the date of harvesting (processing), net weight, the source, and the destination.

To prevent the yellowing or brown spot disease, we store our Uganda spinach only temporarily before dispatch to your location. We store them at near freezing point between 0° and 5° Celsius.  We also maintain a relative humidity of 95% to keep the leaves fresh and well hydrated. We maintain the same level of temperature control during the transportation of the produce to the airport in Entebbe via our special trucks.

If you are after one of the most nutritious vegetables around, do not hesitate to get in touch with us for Uganda spinach. All our produce comes from designate locations in the heart of the country where farmers grow it under Good Agricultural Produce (GAP) conditions. Because of our ability to curate for the best produce, you can request for any amount of produce, and we will commit to providing it for you.  We also offer the most competitive prices that meet your specific needs. Make your order today!

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