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Going under the local name Ekikajo, Uganda sugarcane (Saccharum) is a typical member of the grass family that has herbal, dietary and commercial purposes. Uganda ranks as the number one regarding sugar production levels in East Africa. The need for sugarcane is both local and global for this country. For instance, as each cane has but 9 percent sugar production capacity, millions of canes have to be sourced to make the by-product. On average, Ugandans need 320,000 tons of sugar, which preempts over 3 million tons of canes to make the sweetener for the population.  The country also exports much of the region’s brown granule sugar with a capacity for half a million tons. During times of plenty, it also supplies its eastern neighbor, Kenya with sugar.

Sugarcane first grew in tropical south-east Asia, with key candidates for a number of species being India. The first point of domestication may have been New Guinea as many as 8000 years ago.

Uganda produces at least three common cultivars of sugarcane. The first one is the Chewing cane. It is made up of sweet, saturated interior with loose fibers. It is possible to find such enhanced canes as the Goa variety in this group. Syrup cane, on the other hand, is a common ingredient in the development of drugs.  Its juice also helps to preserve food. The country also grows Crystal cane, which includes the black as well as stripped tanna sweeteners. It is the main source of processed sugar.

We source Uganda sugarcane from the Lake Victoria region and other parts of the country where the locals usually grow it in large-and small-scale. On our part, we only interact with family growers who have less than 2 acres of land. They farm their canes responsibly and use well-rotten cow dung for soil enrichment. They also conserve the fallen vines of canes to make mulch around the new crop.

We harvest sugarcane by selecting all mature canes, tripping the outer leaves down the stem and clearing vegetation. We use sharp cutting machetes, locally known as pangas in Uganda. These blades slash at the ground level and dethrone the stems in a bunch. We leave enough stem section that can sprout again in a few weeks.

We stack the Uganda sugarcane shoots on a cart which we keep close by under cover of other canes. As soon as each wheelbarrow is full, we cart the produce away to the packing shed. At the packinghouse, we use smaller knives to remove any remaining leaves, vines and other field debris. We also cut off the shoot of the plant at the top.

We reduce the ten feet-long canes into small bits so that they can be easy to pack. During this time, we also clean the stems in pure water to extract any dirt from the field. Any extra leaves also undergo removal at this juncture.

We pack Uganda sugarcane in polypropylene-lined cartons that ensure perpetual moisture conservation.  Our packs can hold 10 to 20 kilograms of the stems. There are on average five sticks in every parcel. You may also order for more flexible packages that weigh differently. We finally stick produce labels on the cartons with the number of the stems, the net weight, the source and the destination.

We store Uganda sugarcane under cool, dry conditions away from contamination. We ensure that there is little affinity to dehydration by wrapping the pieces in filmstrip inside the storage cartons.  We then transport them to the airport for delivery to your destination on the same day of packing, and if possible, immediately after harvesting.

In short, you can now directly obtain one of ‘the Pearl of Africa’s’ favorite produce that comes from the shores of the Nile, courtesy our Uganda sugarcane supplies. We source our raw canes from family growers with an average of 0.5 to 1 hectare of land. They maintain their crops under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) conditions.  We serve you in quantities that meet your specific requirements that we deliver to your destination on the same day of harvesting. We also keep our prices quite low to suit your budget. Make an order today!

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