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We provide high-quality Uganda kales to the local and export market. We source our Uganda kales from family growers in the country.

With a collective name in East Africa of sukuma wiki, which they share with collards, Uganda kales (Brassica carinata), are arguably some of the most nutritious vitamin-and mineral-rich crops around. They are also some of the simplest crops to cultivate in the backyard as they hardly need anything but water to grow — their copious numbers of leaves that sprout new growth after each harvest makes them ideal candidates for a nutritional economy. Like spinach, they come shy of forming the head of cabbage. However, they are taller than their plumper cousins as they hit between 100 and 180 centimeters in height. If left to grow for long they bear seeds that serve in African folk medicine as a stomach tonic.

The African variety known as Ethiopian kale may have originated from the horn of Africa.   Kales are some of the best sources of vitamin C of any leafy vegetable, with a 200 percent perk of the daily value. This is followed by vitamin B-6 at 15 percent of the daily value. The potassium content stands at 14 percent while that of magnesium for a strong bone structure is 11 percent. Another high mineral concentration is calcium at 15 percent of the daily needs, for improving teeth enamel. The value of iron for improving immunity against chronic diseases is 8 percent.  We source our Uganda kale from the Gulu and Karamoja districts of the country.

The vegetable serves as not only the primary means of subsistence for the farmers in these areas but as a source of income from the cash sale proceeds. Because the crop grows in small patches of land, the farmers employ only basic farmyard manure to cultivate it. They also refrain from farm sprays whenever possible.

Our harvesting process for kales from Uganda begins when the leaves have attained a hand’s size. We hand-pick each bunch of green leaves, one at a time, and leave the ones that are yet to develop untouched fully.  We usually begin with the middle-placed leaves an inch up to the top of the stalk. We often repeat this process at a regular interval of a week.  We then clean the kales before we can start the sorting process. We remove any spoiled leaves, for instance, those with insect marks and retain only the perfectly healthy ones.  We then bunch the produce per half a dozen pieces ready for packing.   We pack Uganda kales in packages of 9 to 12 kilograms in crates and produce cartons. We make 12 bunches for the smallest packages and 24 bunches for the largest ones. We protect the produce against dehydration by wrapping each carton with a plastic film that keeps its contents closely safeguarded. We also use top ice for preserving the produce at 2.2 pounds of the ice for every 4 pounds of the bunched leaves.

We store Uganda kales at the temperature range of between 0° and 5° Celsius at a relative humidity of between 90 and 95%. This keeps them for the entire marketing duration of at most one week in a fresh condition. During the temporary duration, they stay in our cold room; we keep them in ventilated polythene bags that keep them well hydrated. We also store the seeds in cool, dry airtight containers that keep them free of contamination.

Thus, if you are looking for one of the best known leafy greens in the East African region, you now have a verified supplier of Uganda kales. We source them from family growers in the country who cultivate them under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). We also serve you with a fresh quantity that meets your exact tonnage needs. If you are wary of price, you can be sure to obtain meager rates that perfectly align with your budget. Start by making an order today!

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