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We provide high-quality Uganda macadamia to the local and export market. We source our Uganda macadamia from family growers in the country.

Uganda macadamia (Ternifolia F. muell) is a nut fruit that is earning a lot of recognition in the country but it is still on the fringes of widespread cultivation. Most of the current nurseries offering seeds in the country are situated in the rainforest area of Western Uganda. Most of the trees here currently produce between 2 and 20 kilograms per tree as they are still young. This may go up with more cultivation of the plant which will see family growers earn 80 fruits per tree when it is ten years of age. The source of the macadamia tree is eastern and southern Australia as well as New Zealand.

Consumption of macadamia is a lease into health. Though the nuts contain an overwhelming amount of saturated fat at 60 percent, about 56 percent is unsaturated which makes it suitable as vegetable oil — the nut aids in digestion due to its 36 percent dietary fiber content. There is a protein amount of 16 percent of the daily value for bodybuilding. The fruit also contains a volume of magnesium of more than 32 percent of the daily needs for maintaining bone structure. Though the vitamin C content is low at 2 percent, it is compensated by a 20 percent concentration of iron which treats chronic diseases, besides boosting the oxygen part of blood.

We source Uganda macadamia from Kyenjojo, a district in the western parts of the country. Our family growers cultivate the crop under natural conditions, including the use of farmyard manure.

Harvest Uganda macadamia right at the point when they fall as this means that most have reached maturity. Our produce agents first inform the workers to weed the ground beneath the trees to ensure they collect only debris-free fruits. We also use ladders to reach out to nuts that are yet to fall but whose husks have turned color from green.

Immediately after picking, we then remove the still-green husks from the nuts of Uganda macadamia. This ensures that the white kernels of the nuts will be ready for drying as at this point they have water content equal to 1/4 of their weight. We spread the nuts in wire harnesses that can dry the nuts in silos of at least three layers per session.  We also use industrial drying means at our warehouse, fully installed with fans for the prevention of mold formation.

We then roast the de-husked Uganda macadamia in an oven. This half-an-hour process takes place under mild temperatures of less than 135°C.  Our roasting gear includes widescreen ovens that keep spilling at the minimum.

Sometimes, based upon your request, we can add a small pinch of salt to enhance the crisp brown appearance of the nuts. This optional step needs just three minutes more mild cooking.

We pack Uganda macadamia in roasted form inside airtight tins. We also have plastic and PET containers that have vacuumed interiors for the preservation of the produce.  Our other packaging material is foil bags that consist of sealants with no lead. These bags have soft-landing pads at the bottom, which prevent shakiness during the ride to the airport. We then label the produce with such terms as the date of processing, the source and the country of destination. Our tins, foil bags and PET containers also keep the net weight on the label.

We then store the nuts in their shelled and roasted form in cold rooms of between 0 and 4° Celsius. This is after ensuring that all the packed Uganda macadamia has reduced their water content to less than 1.5 percent. We then transport the packages in atmospheric controlled vans to the airport in Entebbe ready for shipping.

Indeed, our Uganda macadamia comes under special conditions that keep them dry and fungi-free due to the careful post-harvesting process. Because we source them from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family growers, you can always expect high quality produce free of chemical sprays. You can also request for any quantity that suits your needs and we will strive to meet it. Our prices sure are among the lowest in the market for the produce, so go ahead and make an order today!

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