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Varieties Maltese Navel Clementines Mandarines.
Packing Ventilated boxes, cartons 15-20 kgs, crates weighing not more than 25kgs
Size 36,49,48,60,70
Season Available throughout the year
Storage Should be stored in Temperatures of 38degrees Farharneight
Transport Conditions 3-7 degrees celcius depending on market, Relative humidity of 89-90%
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Apple is not the only fruit that keeps the doctor away; oranges are of great health benefits too! Tunisia oranges are among the countries’ famous exports.

 In Tunisia, oranges originally were introduced by travellers from China. In 1987, orange fruit popularized, and Tunisia farmers started small scale farming of the fruit. The quality of Tunisia Oranges gained massive attention due to its unique taste. Extensive scale cultivation of oranges kicked off and now up to 30% of Tunisia’s land is used to cultivate oranges. The country produces 400,000k metric tones annually.

The main varieties of Tunisia oranges include sweet oranges such as Valencia, harts, Tardiff, Hamlin, NavelOranges, acid-less oranges and bitter oranges such as Bergamot and servile. Orange Maltese is a unique variety that is common in Tunisia. It is the producer and exporter of Maltese in the world.

Tunisia’s climate has played a role in the production of the oranges in the country as oranges thrive in temperatures that range from 55-100 degrees Fahrenheit. They require a warm temperature and very sensitive to frost. Too- dry land decreases the size of the fruit. That’s why orange trees need an annual rainfall of 40-45 % inches of rain to guarantee high-value juicy oranges.

 Due to their root system, Oranges need a good soil depth. Rocky grounds and shallow grounds are not ideal for growing of oranges. They produce fruit during summer and require a decent amount of sunlight to thrive. Tunisia’s adequate rainfall, coupled with right humid conditions, favours the quality of oranges produced in the region. The northern part of the country provides large volumes of oranges, especially the don cap. 

 The oranges are harvested when ripe using trunk shakers or by merely handpicking. The harvested oranges are then washed and graded according to size and quality, then packaged in cartons or ventilated boxes. 

 For foreign export, Tunisia oranges are mainly shipped using air cargo. Shipments going to countries closer to Tunisia are mostly delivered via road transport. Air-cargo is popular for shipping export oranges from Tunisia due to its fast delivery. Sea shipping is mainly used to deliver oranges in large quantities to global clients. 

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