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We provide high-quality Rwanda oranges to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda oranges from family growers in the country.

Rwanda orange (Citrus sinensis) is arguably the most popular citrus family fruit. Related in physical features to the lemon, tangerine, mandarin and lime trees, the evergreen tree is bushy and grows to about 9 meters high.  Some grafted types can aspire to 15 meters high.  The orange-tinted fruits with some greenish-yellow varieties are always available in season in the Kigali markets. This is due to their lush nature and high vitamin C content. They also make natural fruit juice.

The orange may have come to Rwanda by way of Tanzania where the Arabs introduced them as a trading item in the 1500’s A.D.  When Vasco da Gama passed along the East African coast in the same century; they received these fruits to cure flu.  The original home of the fruit was Central Asia in the Himalayas (southern China and northeast India) before they came to other countries in Asia and then the Middle-east.

Eating oranges provides the body with at least 88 percent of the daily requirements, just enough for protecting the body against diseases. The vitamin A content comes at 4 percent of the daily needs. The same applies to teeth enamel-strengthening calcium at 4 percent per serving. The fruit also has a vitamin B-6 margin of 5 percent, just the right proportion for promoting cell metabolism. Magnesium tails off at 2 percent per daily serving.

We source Rwanda oranges from Kigali province, especially Kicukiro district and other parts of the north and south of the country. We only make contracts with family growers with less than 2 acres of land. They cultivate the fruits under farmyard manure and rarely use chemical sprays to reduce residual levels.

We harvest Rwanda oranges when they have been on the farm for between 6 months and eight months. Our supervisors guide the team to use implements like shears, scissors, and knives to slash off the fruits at the base with their stalks on. We go for fruits that are plump-sized and have a yellowed strain along the bottom. We then cart away the firm, scented fruits to the packinghouse for sorting and grading.

Our sorting crew grades Rwanda oranges into three groups. The number one is Fancy with its clean crystal selections. About 90 percent of Fancy grade fruits’ skins are pure-colored. The other grade is No.1 which replicates the attributes of the first grade but has at least 1/5th of the fruits minimally discolored. The Grade No. 2 comes with similar qualities as the preceding grades only that a fifth of the fruits may show discoloration.

After sorting and grading, we pack Rwanda oranges in bulk. We use the 28.5-liter bulk container to carry about two dozen to 32 pieces. We also have larger vessels with capacities for 50 to 88 pieces. The most massive bulk shipments include 163 to 270 fruits in each container. We wrap each fruit in a mesh bag before putting it into a carton.  The vents in the cartons face one another during container placement to allow for circulation during transit. We touch off the packing bout with clear produce labels of the name, source, net weight, number of fruits and the date of packing.

We store Rwanda oranges in temperatures between 5 and 10 degrees Celsius. The upper limit is for fruits that are sensitive to the cold.  We use refrigerated vans to transfer the product to the airport. This gives you a period of one to two days before you can obtain the cargo after dispatching from Kigali by air.

In short, if you are hankering after one of the most popular fruits in the region, then our Rwanda orange is only a click away. You are assured of obtaining only quality produce from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) conditions. We keep proper contracts with our family growers so that they can provide sufficient quantity to meet your exact requirements. The prices we offer are among the lowest in the regional market. Make an order today!

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