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We provide high quality Ethiopia lime to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia lime from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia lime (Citrus aurantifolia) is one of the most essential citrus family fruits that thrive in the country’s south. It does will under the warm, tropical conditions in low to medium elevation areas of around 1000 meters. The fruit’s hardiness makes it a suitable candidate for cultivating in the wild or even dry areas. At full maturity, it appears like a cross between a green orange and a mature lemon. The variety from Ethiopia features a dark green color and measures around 6 cm across its berry. Its taste is like that of the lemon, but has more juice than its famous cousin.

The original home of the lime was India in ancient times. However, it came into the Ethiopia in as late as 1937 during the Italian war just before 1937. The soldiers who would later fight in just two years’ time in World War II, carried with them lime to cure field diseases and disinfect wounds. Together with lemon, the full acreage of lime now reaches 1100 hectares in Ethiopia.

Though lime has only one major nutrient, vitamin C that meets more than 48 percent of the daily requirements, it is a super fruit of fighting diseases. The fruit’s sourness aids in weight loss. It also promotes proper digestion, treats bowel problems and cures constipation. Other people use the rinds to keep away ulcers, foot gout and gum bleeding. It brightens the skin and is a source of eye-related care.

We source Ethiopia lime from the Awash Valley of the country. The volcanic soil provides a well-drained ground for a fruit that can even grow in semi-arid areas.We obtain it from family growers who own between 1 and 1.5 hectares of land. They grow it under either irrigation or rain-fed orchards. Their main soil enrichment is farmyard manure.

We harvest Ethiopia lime when it is still dark green but has just matured. Our produce agents guide farmers in proper picking using hands and clippers to snap the fruits off the branches. They begin with the low branches going up onto the top ones. If the fruit does not let go by a 90-degree twist of the hand, we recommend the use of clippers to cut off the stalk holding it.

We transport the fruits immediately to the storage site for sorting before transferring the best to the packing shed. We remove any yellowed rinds, leaving only the green ones.

Because of the juicy content of the fruits, Ethiopia limes require careful handling and storage. We pack them in perforated cartons which allow air in. We then place them on pallets at the airport in such a manner that the openings are not obstructed. Each cartons consists of at least 4.5 kilograms of the fruits. This can go to as high as 18.2 kilograms for larger shipments. Our medium sized carton weights are 9.1 kilograms. Each of these comes with waxed interiors to overcome dehydration on transit. To reduce friction, we keep each fruit in tight formation against its neighbor in the box before sealing it.

We store Ethiopia lemons in cool temperatures of at least 0° Celsius and no more than 15° Celsius. We perpetuate this temperature during the transportation phase in pre-cooled vehicles. The shipment leaves Bola International Airport on the same day of harvesting.

So, if you would like to avail a fruit endowed with anti-pathogenic qualities, then you can count on us to supply you. Our cooperative society-affiliated farmers have Good Agricultural Practices which is a testament to our quality parameters. We also ensure that we provide the exact tonnage you request for by informing our family growers to ready the produce by a given date. With our prices being among the most competitive in the regional lime market, you are assured of affordability. Do make an order today!

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