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We provide high quality Ethiopia pears to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia pears from family growers in the country.

Though pear Pyrus callervyana) is a temperate fruit that is relatively new to Ethiopia, the country’s family growers have made the tree commonplace in their backyards and orchards. The family growers maintain around 7 fruit trees per orchard. Because the plant can tolerate even high temperatures of below 44 degrees celsius and extremely low ones of -25 degrees celsius, the relatively cool highlands of southern Ethiopia provide a climatic mean.

Ethiopia pear grows like the rest of the temperate family of drupes and apples in the southern region of Tigray as well as Amhara, to the north. Other varieties not in the Pyrus genus but of the same name as pear, is cactus pear (opuntia ficus-indica).This variety grows in the wild in the drier parts of Tigray, producing prickly berries in the Ethiopian summer. It is not a true pear but provides food security and nutrition to the locals.

The health benefits of consuming Ethiopia pears include their ability to improve digestion. The fruits also have great fiber content (17 percent of the daily requirement). Their anti-radical action against cancer and boosting immunity are other attributes. Pear fruits also overcome the swelling of the skin and improve bones. They are good remedies for expectant mothers to reduce miscarriage.

The maturity period of Ethiopia pears is around four to five months after the last harvest, but this is dependent on the variety. For fruits bound to the international markets, family growers select only firm, green fruits to avert mid-journey ripening. An average Ethiopian hectare produces at least thirty tons of the fruit. The Ethiopia government, together with European embassies, like Belgium, have provided thousands of farmers with this pome or seed fruit, also known as gewuzi in Amharic. These nurseries help meet local fruit needs while the international surplus goes to mainly European markets.

Our Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family growers handpick their Ethiopia pears when they are mature but not yet ripe. To determine on their maturity, farmers usually pick the fruit on a horizontal manner. Whenever a fruit comes off the branch easily this lateral way, it is then an indicator that the rest are also mature.

We then keep the fruits under cool warehouse conditions to prevent fast ripening. They have a shelf life of 7 days when they are kept under room dry air of above 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The European pear is available from late summer (August), whereas that of Ethiopia is available most of the year thus being a good market match.

We keep our Ethiopia pears in small packages of about 3-pound to 5-pound plastic bags. During transportation, we ensure that the fruits do not knock against each other by keeping them in pallets that are close to the center or front back of the truck. Those near the back are easily bumped and bruised and thus the preventative measure.

Thus, if you are in search of brand new taste in a common temperate fruit from a subtropical climate, you have the option of the superior Ethiopia pear. We guarantee direct delivery by air of the fruits that we source from only family growers with an organic maintenance record. Our prices are also quite competitive. Make an order today!

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