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We provide high-quality Rwanda pineapples to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda pineapples from family growers in the country.

Rwanda pineapple grows in the south as well as the east of the country, with the Eastern Province having 17000 hectares under the crop. Large-scale plantations produce much of the supplies, but small-scale suppliers have also begun to emerge. Smooth Cayenne is almost the exclusive variety to find in all major growing areas. Various farmers also cultivate MD2 as an alternative cultivar. The local name for the fruit is enanasi.

Taking pineapples on a daily basis is a ticket to health. The vitamin C margin stands at 79% per serving. This helps to prevent diseases. The level of vitamin B-6 is 5% of the daily value, a fair enough margin for promoting cell metabolism. The proportion of vitamin A for enhancing eyesight is 1% of the daily value. The dietary fiber level is about 5% per serving. Starch is available at 4% with sugar being 10 g out of every 100 g.

We source Rwanda pineapples from Kirehe and other parts of the eastern and southern provinces. Our family growers cultivate at least 0.5 hectares of the crop which they tend after with farmyard compost. They reduce reliance on chemical sprays and instead use other means of pest management.

A typical harvest of Rwanda pineapples happens about 15 months from the planting date. The plant usually reaches 2 ½ feet high at this time. Alternatively, we wait for at least 90 days from the formation of flowers to start the harvest.  The farmhands start with the fruits that have attained an excellent looking, golden green skin color. The crew uses sickles to fend off the vines and cut the berry at the base. The sharp knife veers clear of the berry itself as it slashes a few inches into the supporting stem.

After transporting the harvest of Rwanda pineapples to the packinghouse, we grade them by their size, appearance, and weight. Our largest pieces which weigh about 4.5 kilos go into a separate grade from those that are heavier than 2.5 kilos.  We then wash the graded fruits in purified water. We often opt to use wax to remove the brown spots that occur after handling.  We also trim the crown, leaving just a couple of neat leaves. We cull any overripe pineapple for the juice production section.

We pack Rwanda pineapples in cardboard boxes or horizontal cartons. We put six fruits into a braced insert in an upright manner.  Another six fruits follow suit in a similar brace insert. We put all of the dozen pieces in the corrugated carton for safe delivery. Alternatively, we may opt for very secure wooden crates that let in air circulation from the top vents. These do away with mold formation to which pineapples are prone. The soft-wool separated fruits in their secure cartons are then ready for consignment. We stick produce labels inclusive of the packing date, net weight and the description of the fruit.

We store Rwanda pineapples in the average temperature range of 7 to 12 degrees Celsius. Though, for green fruits, we reserve a warmer range of 10 to 12 degrees Celsius. This is as opposed to the nearly ripe ones which ship well at the cooler 7 to 10 degrees Celsius’ range.

We convey the shipment of pineapples to the airport in Kigali via our refrigerated trucks. The cargo will usually make it to your destination in the space of a day or two from the date of shipping.

You are therefore welcome to sample one of the extensively grown fruits in the land of a thousand hills, namely Rwanda pineapple. We source the fruits from family growers who cultivate them under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) conditions. You can expect the produce to reach you in the right tonnage as we always ensure that there is a surplus. Furthermore, we ensure that the prices are entirely fair to reflect your budget. You can start by making an order today!

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