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We provide high quality Ethiopia watermelon to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia watermelon from family growers in the country.

The growth of Ethiopia watermelon dates back to the mid 20th century when East Shoa (Shewa) farmers utilized the waters of Lake Koka for growing the nutritious fruit. This fruit-farming area lies in the central part of the agricultural Oromia zone that also produces tropical fruits like strawberries. To date, the region serves as the mere production area thanks to a man from Italy who brought the seeds in that the place, around 1950.

The Ethiopia climate provides the best grounds for planting the crop as it can survive in warm temperatures of at least 21 degrees celsius. The fruit needs a lengthy season that runs for a minimum eighty days, or at most 3 months. The Ethiopia watermelon is usually ready for harvesting in 3 to 4 months.

Because we understand that watermelons are sweetest at the moment of picking, we ensure that our sources only harvest them when they are just about to ripen. They contain no extra starch upon harvest and thus the need to pick them when they are just mature. The best signs to look for are usually a yellowish ring at the lower parts of the gourd-like striped fruit. If the bottom section is still green even when pressed, it is then immature and not ready for harvesting. It is also characteristic of a mature watermelon to be dull in the skin compared to the brilliant green tinge when it is still developing.

Ethiopia watermelon also undergoes processing to make various products. The most popular include ale, juice, pickle and spread. There are also ointments for the treatment of ulcers. It is made of 92% water, which restores the fluid balance in the body. Its range of vitamins include B6, A as well as C.

We transport Ethiopia watermelons from the farms in East Shoa using pre-packing mesh sacks that provide ventilation and at the same time are easy to carry. These bags are reusable once they have assisted to deliver the fruits to the warehouse.

We pack our Ethiopia watermelons in firm cardboard boxes. Each contains at least 6 fruits, when they are sizable. Some boxes can contain at least 12 fruits per shipment. We ensure that each box is of around 12 to 20 kilos to ensure weight distribution in the shipping pallets. We keep seedless and seeded melons in different bins. We also sort the watermelons by their grades and sizes. For instance, one packing bin usually contains weight sizes of 3 kilos to 6 kilos whereas the other bin contains 6 kilos to 11 kilo types. For seedless varieties, we keep them in sizes 3 to 8. The median weight of a seedless carton of size 4 is 18 kilograms.

We transport our Ethiopia watermelons in pre-cooled conditions of between 10 to 12 degrees celsius. We also ensure the fruits are in 80 to 90% humid conditions to ensure that they do not dry during their preliminary storage before the final sale. You can keep our shipment in its fresh condition for 2 to 3 weeks under an average temperature of 7 degrees celsius.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to the best Ethiopia watermelon, talk to our experts today. We source our best fruits from Oromia province that come from organic growers with Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates. We ensure due delivery of the fruits overnight for our Djibouti customers and allow two to three days for shipments to the European Union and Middle-east customers, depending on the means of transport. Make an order today to savor this exotic tropical treat!

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