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We provide high-quality Rwanda leeks to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda leeks from family growers in Rwanda.

Rwanda leeks (Allium ampeloprasum L.), a member of the igitunguru (Kinyarwanda for onion) family is a scallion-lookalike whose sheathes pickle meals. The spice is made up of the same features as its onion cousins, featuring long pseudo-stems. It differs from its relatives because of lack of bulbs. Instead, sheathes emerge from corms that bear many of these edible stalks. The parts of the stalks near to the white base are the most sumptuous. The main growing areas of the plant in Rwanda are in the Northern Province.

The leek has featured in cultivation since 2000 B.C. It first grew in the Middle-east, Central Asia and Egypt. The Bible details a mention of the plant in Egypt.

Leeks provide a balanced diet courtesy of its fair proportion of vitamins and minerals. Immunity-giving vitamin C is available at 20% of the daily value. The vitamin B-6 margins level at 18% per serving while those of eyesight-boosting vitamin A are 10%. Beta-carotene, which also improves eyesight, is present at 9%. The level of vitamin K which plays the same role as water in the body is 45% per serving. Minerals include manganese for bone strength at 23%. The iron level is 11%, essential for transporting hemoglobin in blood. The calcium levels tail off at 6%, a good enough volume for maintaining the health of teeth enamel.

We source Rwanda leeks from the northern parts of the country. Here, family growers keep at least two acres of land which they conserve with farmyard manure. They also reduce chemical contamination by the use of only recommended pesticides.

Our typical harvest of the blades of Rwanda leeks begins at dawn. We pick only leaves that have acquired a whitish base with the rest of the leaf color being a solid green. This is about three months after the date of planting. This can fast forward to just two months for some cultivars.

Our trained crew only selects 1-inch thick stalks of the leeks. They, first of all, remove the soil around the bases of the green sheaths. They then pull the stalks gently from the ground. They follow up with sharp cutlery to cut out the leaves and trim them. The workers keep the harvest in baskets before delivering it to the packing shed.

We sort Rwanda leeks based on size, maturity and healthy appearance. We then wrap the best selections with plastic to keep them well preserved before packing.

We pack Rwanda leeks immediately after sorting. We have 4.5-kilogram packages in 1/3rd-bushel size. Our cartons feature film linings that protect the produce from the vagaries of the weather. We also provide bulk packages that contain around 12 leaves in each carton.  Our deliveries also contain crushed ice on top to sustain a cooled condition throughout the journey. We finalize with the name, packing date, the net weight, country of origin and company logo.

We store Rwanda leeks in a dimly lit interior environment under cool conditions. We keep the temperature at a basic 0 degrees Celsius. We maintain a humidity of between 90 and 95 percent. We transport the produce in similar modified environment conditions as those in the cold room by our special trucks. You can have the delivery in your destination just one day or two after dispatch from Kigali International Airport.

In short, nothing comes out of our onion-growing fields with a milder taste than our bundle of tapered, fresh Rwanda leeks. This is the produce of the rural north where our family growers cultivate it under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) conditions. We ensure we minister to your quantity needs by maintaining surplus production by our sources. Besides, our prices are quite pocket-friendly. Make an order today!


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