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We provide high-quality Uganda jute mallow to the local and export market. We source our Uganda jute mallow from family growers in the country.

Uganda jute mallow (Corchorus olitorius) is one of the traditional vegetables that grows all over Africa and is a significant source of edible leaves and tender fruits. It also has seeds that enjoy consumption.  Like the rest of the continent, Ugandans cook it to improve soup quality. In appearance, the plant is dwarf-sized at one and a half meters in height. Though, it sometimes grows double that height.  Its fruit can either be black-brown or blue-grey and can be up to eight centimeters long. This capsule is characteristic as it has up to forty seeds in its multiple chambers.

Its origin may have been either Africa or Asia where it has continued to thrive for millennia. In Africa, it succeeds in almost all countries as a wild plant. However, as a crop, the primary producers include Uganda, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, and Cameroon, among other nations.

Eating jute mallow may have diverse protective or tonic abilities. For instance, the leaves may overcome kidney diseases as they serve as diuretic agents. It also reduces the problem of inflammation and infertility.  In some countries in Asia and Africa, locals use it as a tonic against pain, diarrhea and even fever.

Our family growers of Uganda jute mallow nurture it under farm compost manure as the crop requires well-fertilized soil to thrive.  It is also in much need of water, and in some places it often undergoes irrigation. However, the favorable weather of Wakiso district in the center of the country guarantees easy cultivation of the traditional vegetable in one and a half weeks. The sources only practice farming means that are organic. One of these is the use of cow dung as a natural fertilizer.

We harvest Uganda jute mallow on its sixth week after planting.  Our well-trained workers usually prune the leaves by hand with their stalks intact to enable the development of new shoots which together with the left out leaves can be ready for harvesting in a pruning manner the next time around. The maximum yield for one hectare is about 28 tons.

For jute mallow fruits, we pick them when they have reached maturity at a later date than the leaves. Our family growers usually start harvesting in another six weeks after the blossoming of flowers. We then thresh the fruits to remove the seeds which we then dry in readiness for packing. For the leaves, washing precedes bunching.

We pack Uganda jute mallow in two forms. For the threshed seed fruits, we keep them in airtight jars that can give them a shelf life of a year. For the leaves, we tie them in bunches of around 0.45 kilograms or other flexible bundles. We convey them in sacks, drums, and produce boxes.

We store Uganda jute mallow at temperatures of slightly over 8° Celsius with a peak of 15° Celsius. We do not go below this level to overcome leaf browning. We also do not go beyond the 15-degree mark as the leaves tend to wilt into yellow. We also maintain the moisture at a low 9 percent maximum. We transport the produce to the airport in Entebbe under the same conditions under our modified temperature vehicles.

If you need some sumptuous vegetables from Africa, start from the ‘Pearl of Africa,’ the source of Uganda jute mallow. We stock both seeds from the mallow fruit and the leaves which we provide in different sizes. Since the crops come from Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified sources, you can expect fresh supplies with less than 0.01 percent residual level. You can avail a quantity that specifically suits your needs as we have enough farmers to make supplies. You also get our word for fair pricing. Make an order today!






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