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We provide high quality Ethiopia papaya to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia papayas from family growers in the country.

Ethiopia pawpaw (Carica papaya L.) thrives well in the relatively hot climate of the country at 20 to 36 degrees celsius. The country ranks as the number six world producer. It produces 2.34% of the global tonnage. It is also the second largest producer in the continent after Nigeria.

We feature two varieties of Ethiopia papaya that farmers in the Raya Valley grow for us. These include Maradol, a variety that provides a long-lasting fruit with very quality pulp. It matures quite fast and has local and international market appeal. Maradol matures in seven months with an expected production of 126 kilos of fruit, per tree. Weighing between 22 and 32 oz., Solo papaya Waimanalo is another variety that grows in Ethiopia. Its main characteristics, especially the Sunrise version, is its succulent yellow pulp. Because the cultivar came directly from it native Hawaii, it produces very natural, unadulterated fruits. The third variety goes by the typical name ‘Local.’ It matures faster than Solo or Maradol. It also has better taste than Solo but its perishable nature discounts it in favor of the other two types.

The main growing areas include the historically important area of Tigray, in the south. Due to its valley climate, with sufficient water, the area has become a net exporting area. The other regions include Gerjale and Tumuga in the Raya Alamata woreda, as well as Tsigea and Genete in the Raya Azebo woreda. The main farmer types are small-scale and thus they consider quality production techniques to ensure market appeal.

In Ethiopia, the papaya serves in different ways. It is eaten raw as a high source of carbohydrates, fiber, vitamin C (at 224 percent of daily value), magnesium, folate and vitamin A. Family growers also sell it for local juice and puree processing. In some areas, the papaya undergoes crushing to form a baking vegetable.

We sell our Ethiopia papaya by air means. This helps to keep the highly perishable nutritious fruit in a fresh condition all the way to Europe and the Middle-east. We employ both men and women in the production, harvesting and distribution. Culturally in Ethiopia, both sexes participate in farming but women feature more in the marketing process.

During the harvest, our workers use the local bamboo poles with cutting scissors at its end and a netted basket on the lower side, for careful picking of one fruit at a time. Usually, the fruit turns mature when yellowish spots form a third of the green skin. Our workers also handpick the slightly low level trees to avoid falls and maintain high quality appearance for market acceptability.

Soon after morning time harvesting, our Ethiopia papayas then go to the cooling chamber where they receive double hot water dip. This is a treatment against further pest infection. Finally, the fruits undergo packing using custom polyurethane material. To prevent shakiness and bruises, each fruit within a carton is wrapped halfway with the sleeve-like material. For resale purposes, an easier method of wrapping the fruit in newsreels and putting them into the carton or bamboo baskets is a good option.

In short, Ethiopia papaya is one of the best fruit choices you can import right now. Grown in Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified zones in the southern region of Tigray, our pawpaw undergoes phytosanitary handling before it reaches its destination. It also receives inspection at Bola International Airport. Finally, we offer the most competitive prices in the market. Therefore, make your order today with specific quantity details!

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