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We provide high-quality Uganda jackfruits to the local and export market. We source our Uganda jackfruits from family growers in the country.

Uganda jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) is an exceptional berry from the same family as mulberries. It is famous for being the only fruit in the world that crosses the 35-kilogram margin in weight.  It also breaks the record in length-at 90 centimeters-and width-at half a meter. Ugandans call the tree by the acronym fenne.  The raw fruit is tasty but can feature in pies and other dishes for adding flavor. The fruits are popular sources of processed by-products like chips, curry and jam. This makes them some of the best sources of healthy snacks for vegetarians as it easily substitutes fried snacks.

The origin of this biggest of all fruits may have been the Western Ghats in the Indian subcontinent. From here it dispersed to a number of locales around southeast Asia. It then spread to the Eastern parts of Africa where it is mainly grown in Uganda. Other tropical growing regions include South America.

Each fruit contains 22 percent of vitamin C content and 2 percent of the daily value of Vitamin A. Its vitamin B-6 value is quite high at 15 percent while that of potassium stands at 12 percent. Each fruit has a dietary fiber reach of 6 percent and 7 percent magnesium for strong bone formation. It is a rich source of antioxidants that fight diseases like cancer, while its vitamin-rich composition helps to keep the body immune. It also enhances the work of the digestive system.

We source diverse varieties of Uganda jackfruit from family growers in virtually all parts of the nation. One of these is Golden nugget and Dang rasimi. Once the crop is mature, farmers transport it to such marketplaces as Nakaseero for retail. On our part, we obtain the fruit directly from the source for ensuring it is of exceptional quality.

We harvest the Uganda jackfruit three to eight months after flowering has started. This is when the fruits have altered their color into yellowish green and produce a hollow sound when spanked by the hand.

We pick Uganda jackfruits through the use of sickles and long clippers that reach out to the highest points on the tree. Because of the messy latex that the fruits produce when cut, all our workers don gloves and protective clothing. We cut the end of the fruit at the meeting point with the stalk to reduce the effect of latex formation. We then fold the cut end in a clean cloth before placing it under shade to reduce latex flow. We then transport the fruits to the packing area.

The next step is to wash the fruits carefully under a water pass to remove any excess latex and field debris. We also use chlorinated liquid to remove any dirt and other stubborn oozing stains.  The next process is grading. This varies from one importer to the next who may use parameters of size and quality to make selections.

For such a large fruit, packing Uganda jackfruit for shipping convenience is demanding.  We use corrugated fiberboard crates that keep at least one piece. There are also large plastic boxes that can contain at least one or two fruits per package.

We also pack processed Uganda jackfruit in the form of processed jam for a net weight of 200 grams per polyethylene cup package. We also have jackfruit-derived chips of between 50 and 100g sachets that are also well wrapped for preservation. All our by-products come with clear labeling under food labeling guidelines.

Storing the fruits at room temperature of 23° Celsius can lead to normal ripening within three days of such storage. On our part, we store export-ready Uganda jackfruits at 11.1° Celsius which keeps them free of chilling injury up to the time they reach their destination. We also preserve them at a relative humidity of 85 to 95 percent humidity.

We transport the Uganda jackfruits when they are still unripe to keep them free of bruises.  We then transport them by trucks that have no refrigerators on board to prevent chilling injury. Depending on transit distance from Kampala to the ports of either Dar-es-Salaam or Mombasa, the arrival at your destination could range from one day to a few days. Direct air shipments from Entebbe are faster.

Therefore, if you are seeking the largest fruit easily around, you can bet on us to supply you with Uganda jackfruit. We strictly follow careful processes right from harvesting to sorting to prevent the fruits from becoming damaged. Our source of fenna is family growers with a long tradition of practicing only organic means of cultivation under Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certifications. You can request for any tonnage of ‘jak’ that suits your quantity parameters and we assure the best prices in the region. Make your order today!

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