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We provide high-quality Uganda guavas to the local and export market. We source our Uganda guavas from family growers in the country.

Uganda guava (Psidium guava) is a vitamin C-rich fruit that is also known as apple guava and in the local dialect, omupeera. Different varieties consist of either white, scarlet or pink innards. Though most have green skin, some exceptional ones are red-skinned. There are two seasons for the fruits in the country, namely June and December. The main growing areas of the fruits include the western equatorial forests, such as Budongo Forest. Before coming to Uganda, this species originated from Mexico, other parts of Latin America as well as the northern shoulder of South America.

Consumption of guava offers protection against many diseases as it has a whopping 380 percent of the daily value of vitamin C. This is followed by a 20 percent daily value of dietary fiber for good digestion. The fruit also improves eyesight with a 12 percent Vitamin A content. The proportion of minerals is also high as magnesium accounts for 5 percent of the daily value for strong bone structure. The fruit provides 11 percent of the daily potassium value.

We source our Uganda guava from family growers in Kabale and Budongo Forest. These areas have been the perennial sources of the fruits since the colonial times. Our farmers cultivate them in orchards using organic manure and no farm sprays.

We harvest Uganda guava when they turn their hue to a light shade of green. This is usually at least four months after the onset of flowers. Our produce agents also guide the farmhands to select only fruits that have attained plump sizes and emit a pleasant, fruity smell. It is the latter that makes them a favorite in the making of perfume sprays.

We use long pole harvesters to reach far-flung fruits.  At other times we use orchard ladders to reach the fruits that are hidden in the upper foliage. For the pieces that are near enough to pluck, our trained workers handpick them while wearing farm gloves.  We repeat this process three times a week for about two months, after which all mature fruits will be ready for the market.

We transfer all our harvested Uganda guava to the packing shed for washing and sorting. After thorough removal of dirt and debris, we then select the sizable, firm and aromatic ones for packing. Any misshapen or ripe berry is culled from the rest.

We pack our Uganda guava in 4.5-kilogram packages in the form of cartons. Each package keeps fruits in single layers for bruise-free transportation. Every carton has foam sleeve interiors, padding at the bottom and polyethylene wrappings to keep the product safe.

For the fruits that are at an advanced stage of ripening, we use polyethylene bags that have waxed interiors. This maintains the freshness of the guava throughout the shipping duration. Because wax may cause black spots on the fruits’ skins, we use a ventilated wrapping at the top.

We store Uganda guava at temperatures of between 7 and 10° Celsius in our cold rooms. Combined with a relative humidity of between 80 and 95 percent, the fresh cargo can stay between 14 and 28 days while still fresh. We also transport the boxes at the same temperature range inside special purpose trucks that convey them to the airport in Entebbe.

Thus, if you would like to get fresh cargo of some of the most aromatic fruits from an equatorial land, do not hesitate to keep in touch with us. With our tasty selections coming from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified sources, we guarantee you an edge on quality. Concerning tonnage, we always strive to amass the full shipment through pre-orders with our partner farmers to ensure that we make your deadline. You are also assured of affordable prices as we tailor the rates to your budget. Make an order today!

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