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Selina Wamucii provides fresh and healthy Kenya onions to the both the local and export market. Our Kenya onions are sourced from dedicated family growers.

As a natural spice, flavor, sandwich ingredient and primary frying component, the onion is a produce rooted in any kitchen across the globe, simply a must in food preparation. With their varying appeal, Kenya onions have, certainly, inherited the favor bestowed upon the oldest cultivated vegetable in the world, the Central Asian onion. Sometimes people also prefer to imbibe especially the garlic strain for digestive and unique taste preferences.

From its Central Asia heritage, the onion has been a temperate crop but adopts to a wide range of climes. Scientifically known as Allium cepa  from the amaryllis family, the vegetable has a horde of types which  Selina Wamucii sources from smallholder farmers.

In terms of cultivation, the onion is an all-rounder, thriving in most climes, but the most conducive climate is one that is neither extremely cold or excessively hot. In other words, the tropics like those in the Kenya highlands. The optimum temperature suitable for growth ranges between 13 to 24 degree Celsius and 16 to 25 degrees Celsius for bulb development. The best humidity levels for growing the crop include 70 percent rainfall, measuring 650-750mm in constant distribution. The right soils to cultivate the crop are deep, easily crumbled loam, as well as, alluvial soils with good drainage and moisture holding capacity.

Health Benefits

  • Immunity system strength, phytochemicals present in onions act as a stimulant to vitamin c in the body. Eating onions helps boost your immunity through by ensuring vitamin c is in abundance.
  • Treatment of heart ailments, onions act as blood thinners which prevent the red blood cells from forming clumps. This blocks and clots can lead to heart disorders; therefore eating onions are a good way of avoiding such complications.
  • Good oral health-Onions are used to prevent tooth decay and oral infections. Chewing raw onions can potentially kill the germs in the oral areas and the surroundings like throat and lips.
  • Managing diabetes, chromium contained in onions helps in managing blood sugar levels and ensures slow, gradual release of glucose to the muscle and the body cells. Diabetic patients are advised to always take onions to be able to emulated blood sugar levels.
  • Prevention of cancer, quercetin is a very powerful antioxides compound which stops the development and spread of cancerous cells. Vitamin c is also a strong antioxidant which can reduce the presence and impact of free radicals throughout the body.
  • Used as insect repellent. Fresh onion juice can be used for external application on insect bites like bees, scorpions. The smell of onions also causes insects to flee.

When buying Kenya onions, look for ones that are dry and firm. However, you can always do away with the headache of scrutinizing for quality because as you might know, Selina Wamucii has already done the good job on your behalf. 

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