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We provide high quality Ethiopia lettuce to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia lettuce from family growers in the Ethiopian Northwest.

Ethiopia lettuce (Lactuca saliva) grows in many parts of Ethiopia including the environs of Addis Ababa. The crop thrives well in relatively dry areas and also thrives in south east Asia. It differs from the L serriola species that is common in temperate regions of the world like Europe. The latter grows in wintry conditions under special conditioning. The best temperatures for the Ethiopia variety is 7° Celsius though the best average is below 24 ° Celsius.

Lettuce has grown in neighboring Egypt for nearly four millennia, starting 2680 B.C. It may have passed into Ethiopia through trade with the northern country. Around the world, it is cultivated in mainly Europe and Asia.

We export two types of Ethiopia lettuce, namely Lettuce Bionda Green and Lettuce Lollo Rosso. The lollo variety is fancy in appearance with red leaves that are cross-cropped and highly curly. Also known locally as freeser Green, Bionda green features diverse shades of green, including yellowish green and bright green. Both varieties feature a well-formed head and are tender to the tongue though they have a trace of sourness in raw form.

Some people refer to lettuce as the ideal weight loss produce while others refer to it as “rabbit food.” The vitamin C content of the lettuce is also high like the rest of the cabbage family, at 15 percent of the daily value. The protein level is around 2 percent while that of iron and calcium are 4 and 3 percent respectively.

Our export destinations include the neighboring Djibouti to the northeast of the country, a traditional importer. The Gulf region is also a major destination of Ethiopia lettuce, to mainly the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Emerging export regions include the European Union.

Our team works closely with the family growers to select only the tender, mature leaves during the harvesting process. They usually remove the outer leaves that cover the butter head of the Ethiopia lettuce formation, while leaving the tender leaves underneath for further sprouting. We sometimes cut the entire mature plant a single inch over the ground. We only resort to the latter method after the first seasonal harvest of the outer leaves is over and when the center head is quite firm.

After the post-harvest duration, we keep our lettuce under 0° Celsius and a relative humidity of 96 percent. We also provide transportation that is feee of other tropical harvests such as bananas to prevent their ethylene content rising and enhancing their ripening. Because lettuce has over 94.9% of moisture content, we usually ensure fast transition between harvesting and shipping. This reduces the possibility of deterioration. We recommend the keeping of the fresh shipment in a cool area such as a fridge for the entire period of consumption inside loose polyethylene bags.

We pack our Ethiopia lettuce in vacuum packets to maintain fishiness. We also pack in plastic bags and unsealed jars depending on your request. Inside the jars we line paper towels to ensure that the moisture that comes from the vegetables does not cause mold.

Ethiopia lettuce is now available once per year from our family growers and other suppliers. We also sell it locally at fair market prices in Addis Ababa and other cities of the country. You can get the best shipments from our affiliate Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) lands. All our green leaf harvest take place under phytosanitary conditions, inclusive of washing by workers wearing farm or warehouse gloves. We also provide the right quantity in terms of tons that we deliver within your specified timeline. Make an order today and enjoy our competitively low priced lettuce supply.

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