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We provide high-quality Rwanda tangerine to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda tangerines from family growers in Rwanda.

Rwanda tangerine (Citrus tangerine) is one of the rarer versions of mandarin oranges that originated in Tangier in North Africa in the 1900’s. It is a smaller and less circular version of orange. Its mandarin lookalike features include the bright-orange skins. The main distinguishing characteristics from other citrus fruits include the very sweet pulp, the natural peeling of the skin and the heavy feel of the fruit in the palm for such a tiny drupe. It also has better disease resistance than its cousin, the mandarin. The same applies to the more significant share of the reddish-orange color.

Though they had an origin in Morocco, it was not until the 1840’s that tangerines got into commercial production in the US. They would come to East Africa via Arab traders along the coastline of Tanzania and then into Rwanda.

Consumption of tangerine offers a relatively high serving of vitamin C at 44 percent per serving. The vitamin A margin which aids in boosting eyesight is around 23 percent in each slice. The vitamin B-6 proportion, suitable for cell metabolism is approximately 5 percent of the daily value. The calcium margin for strong teeth enamel is 3 percent per serving, a similar proportion to that of bone-strengthening magnesium.  Bypassing sodium, the fruit provides about 4 percent of the daily needs of potassium, which is suitable for warding off high blood pressure. Iron tails off in the anti-anemia department with its 1 percent concentration per serving.

We source Rwanda tangerine from the citrus-growing areas of the south and the west of the country. Here family growers own an average of 1 to 2 acres of land. They employ organic methods of farming to bring down residual levels: rather than commercial fertilizers, they use mulch and farmyard compost as the soil enrichment. They also rely on traditional pest management instead of chemical sprays.

We harvest Rwanda tangerine when they have reached maturity, indicated by the greenish-orange color.  Our experienced farmhands use ladders to scale the trees to pluck the far-to-reach drupes. They also employ long poles with catcher baskets and cutlery to reach equally high-placed fruits. Each worker prudently cuts pieces within reach with a pruner and retains two to three centimeters of handling stalk. The fresh harvest goes into carts ready for delivery to the packinghouse.

We sort the tangerines by their healthy appearance, firmness, rich skin texture and lush color. We keep aside any green, immature and ripe fruits as these do not go into the export markets. We grade the rest by size, color, and variety.

We ultimately pack Rwanda tangerines in size 56: this means about 56 fruits in each package. This package carries the largest fruits. The smallest ones feature in size 210. This means about 210 small-sized fruits per horizontal carton. We finish off the packing process by attaching produce labels with the name/variety, the country of origin and the net weight of the cargo.

We store Rwanda tangerines at near freezing temperatures of around 0 degrees Celsius. We keep the cargo in a cool, dry cold room environment in the interim to its delivery to the airport in Kigali. Our hydro-cooled special trucks convey the produce to the airport on the same day of packing to ensure a 24-to 48-hour arrival at your destination.

In short, you now have one of the more special citrus fruits from the Great Lakes region, namely Rwanda tangerines. We source the fruits from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified parts of the country. You, therefore, have a guarantee of quality. We also have them in the right quantity that matches your requested tonnage as we source them in good time and surplus. Besides, our prices are quite low as we match them to your budgetary allocation. Make an order today!


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