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We provide high-quality Rwanda red onion to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda red onions from family growers in Rwanda.

Rwanda red onion (Allium cepa L. member) is perhaps the most popular allium family pickling spice. A large bulb characterizes it made up of overlapping cloves that end in feathery purplish-red skins. The inner cloves consist of compact, succulent flesh that produces eye-tingling moisture when cut. The most distinctive feature of the crop is perhaps the pungent smell which can turn very strong for lack of aeration. The content of water in this spice is high and helps to neutralize the intensity of the flavor. In Rwanda, the crop grows in especially the Northern Province under a mixture of rain-fed and irrigated agricultural systems.

The red onion may be one of the few crops that can boast origins in multiple continents. In Europe, it is native to Romania and Italy while in North America it is native to the United States. Currently, the onion is exotic across the tropical world including Rwanda, a major producer.

Eating red onions is a ticket into not only spicy meals, and indeed no meal in Rwanda is fried without these pickled bulbs. The vegetable-cum-spice has a vitamin C margin of 12%, which helps to give the body immunity. The potassium balance stands at 4% per serving. The carbohydrates level peaks at 3%, a good enough margin for helping in the body’s diuretic functions. The calcium level is about 2% of the daily needs. Iron, which prevents chronic diseases, sharpens brain function and transports the oxygen part of blood tails off at 1% per serving.

We source Rwanda red onion from family growers in the northern parts of the country, especially Gichumbi district. Our family growers operate an acre or two of land which they manage with farmyard manure. They maintain their crops disease-free with responsible use of chemical sprays which helps to bring the residual levels down.

We harvest Rwanda red onions at the end of 3 months after planting. Our produce agents guide the farmhands to look for bulbs with wilted leaves. The mature bulbs usually show off part of their purple-red skins exposed off the ground while they are brown, dried off stalks lay upon the earth. Our trained team uses garden forks to furrow the ground around the delicate bulbs. They then ease them off the ground carefully to reduce lesions or bruises on the bulbs’ skins.

Our next step after harvesting red onions is to cure them. We dry them on racks that are slightly above the ground to prevent rot. We array the bulbs in single layers so that each piece receives as much exposure from the sun as possible. After the curing process is over, we remove any clinging dirt, stalks, and leaves from the pieces. We also trim the uncouth-looking roots.

We finally pack Rwanda red onions in wooden/plastic crates, cartons or produce boxes. We begin with the standard weight measure of 11.3 kilos. We also use jute bags with a capacity of 22.6 kilos. Our cartons and bags come with perforated interiors that perpetuate the curing of the produce and proper aeration during the outbound journey. This also keeps the natural pungency of the bulbs. We finalize the packing process with the appropriate labels including the name, the net weight, date of packing and the destination.

We store Rwanda red onions in a cool, dry environment that is well-ventilated. We store them inside jute bags at 0 degrees Celsius.

We dispatch the harvest to its destination immediately after packing via our refrigerated trucks. Give or take, the cargo will reach you from Kigali International on the same day or a day thereafter.

We are therefore your solution for one of the most popular pickling aids, Rwanda red onions which we supply throughout the year. Our family growers irrigate and rain-feed the crops which they grow under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) terms. Whether you want them in jute bags, well-aerated net bags or produce boxes, you have the assurance of maximum quantity deliveries. We also put all stops at ensuring that we extend very fair prices. Start by making an order today!

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