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We provide high quality Ethiopia yellow lentils to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia yellow lentils from family growers in the country.

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Ethiopia yellow lentils is a leguminous vegetable that bears yellow seeds similar to those of pigeon peas. It differs from red or other dark lentils from its bright color. It commonly features in some of Ethiopia’s cuisine next to rice. One of the most common dishes in the country is Misir Wot which consists of at least four cups of the cleaned lentils, and mixes with turmeric and ginger to form a spicy stew.

The first evidence of the lentil was 9000 years ago, in the Eastern Mediterranean, mainly Greek islands. Its real origin may have been in the Persian Gulf or the central parts of Asia mainland many years earlier than the above timeline. Its name, as people use it today, was from the 1500s courtesy of the plant health scientist Tournefort, who named it. In Ethiopia, the species goes under the local name of Messer, which is nearly similar to its Indian counterpart. The widespread growth of the crop in Ethiopia dates back to the 1980s when the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) began earnest programs of distributing seeds in the Oromia region, to enhance the then dormant local cultivars.

Ethiopia yellow lentils are suitable sources of dietary fiber, which stands at 32 percent of the daily requirements per person. Iron is the second highest component at 18 percent of the daily requirements, to enhance blood fluid, while vitamin B-6 folate counts at 10 percent of the daily value. Each serving is also rich in potassium and magnesium, each at 10 and 9 percent respectively. The contain of fat is quite low at 0.1 grams.

We source Ethiopia yellow lentils from the Oromia region that is rich in clay, which is one of the requirements for the optimal growth of the produce. Farmers in the region often battle pest infestation but have now been able to overcome the problem through the interbreeding of other lentil varieties with the local cultivar. Family growers use a mainly irrigation method, mostly the furrow option. Our sources can harvest anywhere between 700 kilos per hectare to a maximum of 2.6 tons per hectare, depending on the variety.

We deliver the yellow lentils from Ethiopia in baskets or jute bags from the harvesting site. Most of the huge bags have 10 to 100 kilo capacity. We then clean them before packing them in produce baskets for storage before the final packing. Our custom boxes are usually cartons that have film linings that provide a cooling environment.

We pack our Ethiopia yellow lentils in 10-pound produce boxes. They usually measure 1/2 bushel per box. We maintain consistent coolness through the placement of top ice in every box. Whenever possible, we also feature the cargo in millboard cartons that have interior corrugation for heat elimination.

We transport the lentils in cool weather under custom trucks under pre-cooled boxes. Thus, the produce arrives in your destination bruise-free.

Thus, if you are in need of the very best Ethiopia yellow lentils, look no further than from us. We provide this nutritious produce that is common in south-east Asia dishes, to Europe and the Middle East. Our produce comes from family grower zones that have undergone Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certifications. With regard to price, we have the most competitive cost parameters in the regional market, while our quantity parameters are in tonnage that meets your very requirements. You may begin the importing process by making an order today!

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