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We provide high-quality Rwanda strawberry to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda strawberries from family growers in the country.

Rwanda strawberry is a red-colored fruit made up of rough-textured, heart-shaped berries that grow in a cluster.  The fruit goes under the typical term for berries in Kinyarwanda, namely Inkeri. Common botanically as Fragaria xananassa; the tropical fruit became a commercial hit in the 18th century in the wine-producing Brittany area of France. It has since served as a common flavoring agent, food preservative, paste-making source, and jam ingredient. It is also a source of juice.

Eating strawberries provide the body with almost a full day’s requirements of immunity-giving vitamin C at 97%. This lends it nearly the same ability as orange in vitamin C provision.  Its dietary fiber concentration for promoting digestion stands at 8 percent per serving. Among its health benefits include the sharpening of brain function.

We source Rwanda strawberries from the Northern Province. With its ample cultivated land, the region offers refuge to thousands of strawberry farmers who grow the fruit next to grapes and oranges. We only interact with sources who own less than two acres of land. This makes it possible to conserve the soil with farmyard compost and reduce the usage of pesticides.

We harvest Rwanda strawberries when they are between 2 ½ and three months old from the date of planting.  This duration may extend a little longer in the cooler parts of the country.  We do the picking in the early morning hours before the sun comes up to prevent moisture loss in the highly perishable fruit. Immediately after picking the clusters of berries by hand, we put them in the shade and blow cool air on them at 0 degrees Celsius. After arrival at the packing shed, we wipe clean the berries and separate them from the bunches.

We grade Rwanda strawberries by size and quality. The most exceptional quality and largest fruits belong to Grade 1. The 2nd grade constitutes medium quality and relatively large berries. The 3rd grade is made up of small-sized but quality selections. All overripe, immature or stained fruits go to the wastebasket. The graded ones feature in packing at once.

We pack Rwanda strawberries on the same day of harvesting them. Because of the strategic location of the country to the rest of the world, the highly perishable fruit usually touches down in your city in 24 hours’ time: this steals a march in freshness index over shipments from South America and Asia. We use punnets (small cases) to pack the fruits. We have a basic measure of 250 grams per package. Grades 1 and two selections make up between 15 and 25 pieces per punnet. The 3rd-grade selections constitute 28 to 32 fruits in each small case. We attach produce labels inclusive of the number of fruits, the net weight, the country of origin and the destination.

We store Rwanda strawberries in a cool, dry environment at the temperature mean of 0 degrees Celsius. This is after pre-cooling them to around -5 degrees Celsius to keep them free of shrinking due to dehydration.

We transport the fresh fruit cargo to Kigali International Airport expeditiously via our custom refrigerated trucks. The fast delivery always makes it to our Middle-east customers in the space of a day while other parts of the world can avail them in the next day at most.

If you are therefore looking forward to a firm, well-shaped tropical fruit, then our Rwanda strawberry fits the bill. We source the produce from family growers with Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certifications. Our sources practice responsible farming such that they use chemical sprays sparingly and the produce has less than 0.01 percent of residual levels. We also encourage our growers to produce sufficient volumes to cater to your exact quantity parameters. You can also expect very affordable prices that reflect your budget. Make an order today!


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