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We provide high quality Ethiopia frozen vegetables to the local and export market. We source the raw materials for the fresh Ethiopia frozen vegetables from family growers from the country.

Ethiopia Frozen vegetables consist of canned fresh produce that is under 0° Celsius packaging conditions to extend its usually short shelf life. The vegetables are as good as fresh ones considering the long distance they travel between harvest and export destination. They consist of the same high levels of vitamins, minerals and other disease-fighting nutrients. There are some studies that show that some vegetables like broccoli may diminish their vitamin C content after freezing but still reach the destination while fresh.

However the viewpoint, our Ethiopia frozen vegetables undergo a very careful packing procedure that maintains both freshness and nutrient composition. We try as much as possible to control the growing, harvesting and processing parts of the entire production. We follow the following steps:

Handpicking and Cleaning of Vegetables

We pick various vegetables ranging from peas, carrots, broccoli and spinach from various parts of Ethiopia. Our farmhands follow the phytosanitary habits that they receive through the guidance of the produce agents. For instance, they all wear gloves.

The cleaning process varies from one vegetable to another but each undergoes thorough cleaning before processing. We spray peas with clear water, for instance, and sort stalks in common beans, before freezing them.

Blanching Process

Blanching or boiling is a different form of pasteurization only that this is not just for killing pathogens. Rather, it also removes some of the unwanted enzymes that acidify vegetables and affect their tastes during storage. We then pass the Ethiopia vegetables to a coolant where they await sorting and grading.

Sorting and Grading

Now that each pea, bean or green vegetable is washed, it is possible to finally sort any remaining malformed members. We only retain the most healthy and if possible, similar varieties, to maintain quality and minimize contamination. We then pass the vegetables, especially peas into the grading tank containing clear water. The seeds that do not sink are the healthy ones with little starch content. They are the ones to pass into the next stage of making frozen Ethiopia vegetables.

Final Sorting

We inspect the seeds or leaves over a conveyor belt one last time. If we find any that are malformed and were unnoticed in the sorting tank, we remove them. This leaves only the pure ones ready to freeze.


We offer Ethiopia frozen vegetables that follow international freezing standards. We cool them internally before packing in the boxes. We pass them through cold air blasting areas that chill them. We also pack them into their respective boxes uncooled, then bring the boxes back to the ammonia-sprayed cooling area where each box passes through under freezing conditions. The workers then collect them.

We store Ethiopia frozen vegetables in cold rooms awaiting the transportation to the Bola International Airport. We use refrigerated vehicles to convey the produce form the cold room. You can receive the packages on the same or 1 to 2 days after shipment.

Thus, if you are one for canned fresh produce, then you may consider our Ethiopia frozen vegetables. Each of our produce comes from select areas of the country where it grows under Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). For instance, all our broccoli or beans have less than 0.01 percent of minimum residual levels (MRLs) and thus can pass into the European market conveniently. Our quantity parameters reflect your specific tonnage while our fair pricing mechanism is suited to your budget. Make an order today!

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