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We provide high-quality Rwanda lentils to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda lentils from family growers in the country.

Rwanda lentil (Lens culinaris), like its botanical name suggests, is a lens-shaped seed that features as a bean alternative in many cultures especially Asian. Perhaps the most common name of the crop outside Rwanda is dal. This is an Asian term that describes the boiled and fried lentils which form a soupy accompaniment to chapatti and other baked products. It is a common addition to rice as it gives the cereal a green gram-like stickiness.  In appearance, the red, bright tan and green-colored seeds are the produce of pods of bushy plants that reach the height of 40 centimeters.

Lentils rank among the very first crops in the world to domesticate. They were available in human societies in modern-day Middle-east and Greece in as early as 11000 B.C. They would later cross over to other parts of the world, especially southern Asia where they became a staple.

The lentil seed is a crucial source of folate and thiamine vitamins at 120% and 76% of the daily values respectively. It also has metabolism-enhancing vitamin B-6 at 42% per serving. Pantothenic acid or vitamin B5 is available at 43%. Vitamin C closes the vitamins’ department at 5% margin. The mineral composition includes oxygen-transporting iron at 50% per serving. Potassium with its diuretic and blood pressure-regulating functions is available at 14%. Phosphorous for good bones, zinc for wound healing, magnesium for the strong bone formation and calcium for teeth enamel stability are available at 40%, 35%, 13%, and 6% respectively.

We source Rwanda lentils from the Northern and Southern provinces of the country. We go for family growers who own between 1 and 2 acres of land. These little parcels enable them to grow the crop under farmyard compost with little or no application of chemical sprays.

We harvest Rwanda lentils when they have been in the field for around 110 days. By this time the bottom third of the pods will have wilted and browned.  The dried stalks with hanging pods also rattle when shaken.  Our produce agents make the painstaking process of picking the pods easy by training the workers to cut the entire plants at the angles of 20 to 30 degrees close to the ground. Because the lowest pods can easily shake and get soiled, the workers make sure that they hold the plant steadily when cutting it. Most of the time they use vine lifters which remove the overhanging stalks from coming in the way.

We then desiccate (dry the produce by authorized chemicals like glyphosate). This helps to accelerate the drying period of the pods so that they will be ready to thresh in the next four days. We use threshing equipment when the seeds are mildly dry at 18 percent moisture levels. After the removal of the pods, we further air dry the green seeds to reach the moisture level of 14 percent. For the red ones, we aim for 13 percent moisture levels.

During threshing, we use chaffers that are adjusted to ¾ inches edges for the perfect removal of the pods. We then take the de-hulled seeds through a cleaning sieve set at 3/8th inches. After air-drying the clean seeds per the levels mentioned above, we deliver them to the packinghouse.

We pack Rwanda lentils in 4.5-kilo produce boxes.  These ½ bushel size boxes are specially tailored for the red cultivar. For the ready-to-eat forms that are processed and canned, we offer them in flexible packages of 0.5 kilos, 1 kilo, and 2 kilos. We have atmospheric corrugated cartons that remove foul air and keep the produce fresh. We maintain the produce cool by applying top ice. This reduces the effects of cargo hold heat on transit.

We store Rwanda lentils at less than 15 degrees Celsius. We do not go to below zero degrees temperatures as these may lead to seed chipping.

We transport the cargo of lentils to the airport in Kigali by our refrigerated vehicles. You can expect the cargo to reach your destination within a day or two depending on your location in any part of the world.

In short, if you are in search of the perfect dal-making leguminous vegetable from Africa, do not hesitate to ask for our Rwanda lentils. The produce comes from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family growers. You will also obtain it in the correct tonnage since we source it in the surplus from our family growers. We keep the prices low to meet your budgetary needs. Make an order today!

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