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We provide high-quality Uganda lettuce to the local and export market. We source our Uganda lettuce from family growers in the country.

Uganda lettuce (Lactuca sativa) is a vegetable whose main produce is the leaves, but it also contains edible stalks as well as seeds. It is a common find in salads as well as side dishes. Its original home was ancient Egypt around 2680 B.C., where it served as not only a source of vegetable oil but as food courtesy of its soft leaves. Other accounts point to the Indian subcontinent as the origin of the crop. It later dispersed across the Mediterranean such that by halfway through the first century A.D.; it had spread to other civilized parts of the Old World. It was not until the second half of the 20th century that it became a common crop in the developing countries including Africa.

In Uganda, the crop is widely grown, but surprisingly only a few people seem to grasp what it is. Indeed, it is common to find in local homes as a part of vegetable stew where families substitute cabbage with it. The country exports some of its surplus to neighboring Rwanda.

Lettuce is made up of 15 percent of the daily value of vitamin C. It has a high concentration of vitamin A at 21 percent, with a beta-carotene equivalent of 18 percent. The volume of potassium is 5 percent of the daily value at 194 milligrams of each 100-gram serving. The crop also has some 5 percent levels of vitamin B-6 which is essential for metabolic functions. The volume of calcium for the enhancement of the strength of teeth enamel is 3 percent.

We source our Uganda lettuce from primarily the Wakiso district, situated in the central part of the country in the vicinity of Kampala. The area supplies the capital with the produce throughout the year. This is because of the mostly wet-laden parts and swamps of the district that make for lush production of the crop. We only make farming contracts with family growers who use organic means to tender their fields, primarily through the use of well-rotten manure.n

We harvest lettuce from Uganda when the leaves have attained their full spread. The best time that we pick the outer leaves is when the whole plant is nearing maturity. By the next picking bout, even the inner leaves will have reached their maturity. We do not wait too long for the plant to turn wooden as it does past its maturity phase. Our workers cut the 4-inch long leaves using garden scissors. For fast harvests, our farmhands may pick a bundle of the topmost leaves and slash them just an inch into the crest of the plant.

We pack Uganda lettuce inside vacuum packets as well as plastic bags. Our other packages include jars that we line with paper towels that prevent mold formation in the vegetables due to respiration.  We put clear labels on every package with an indication of the packaging date, the net weight, the country of origin and the destination.

We store Uganda lettuce at the baseline temperature of 0° to 5° Celsius. We also recommend that you keep the leaves refrigerated as soon as you receive them to maintain their freshness. We transport the produce in our modified environment vehicles to the airport in Entebbe in readiness for immediate shipping.

We offer Uganda lettuce throughout the year as our consortium of farmers in the central region are always ready for continuous supply. We keep in touch with family growers with less than two acres of land in which they grow the crop under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). We also maintain constant quantity parameters that reflect your total tonnage request. Make an order today even as you check out our very affordable prices!

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