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We provide high quality Ethiopia passion fruit to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia passion fruit from family growers in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia has become a recent net exporter of fresh passion fruits. The two main varieties of yellow passion and purple passion began exporting as table fruits or processed juice to Europe in 2010, through the neighboring Djibouti port. Some now common cultivars, like purple passion fruit came in this decade in the country, beginning 2012. The marketing of the fruit happens at the farm level through co-operatives.

We source our yellow passion and purple passion from the Upper Awash Valley, the home of many subtropical fruits including mangos and pawpaws. The main method of planting the trees is through irrigation from the Awash river, though in some favorable months the trees grow by rain. The region has the potential to bring at least 135000 birr ($4900) for each hectare.

Though yellow passion fruit grows under the Upper Awash valley well-watered soil in plantations under the ownership of large plantations, there are still many family growers, with at least 2 to 10 trees per orchard. The trees undergo mainly drip-irrigation to bring the famous bloom visible on street groceries. The fruit has been performing well since 2009 when many juice companies began planting it for processing.

The purple passion variety first came into Ethiopia in 2012. It is characterized by a slightly acidic yet very tasty, orange-colored pulp. It fruits at least once per year. It grows in the Upper Awash Valley alongside the Tibila juice factory just a hundred and fifty kilometers south-east of Addis Ababa.

Passion fruit acts as dessert in many parts of the country due to its rich nutrition of mainly vitamins. It contains 25 percent of vitamin C’s daily value, per person. With very low saturated fat, the fruit is an energy source, with 97 calories. The fruit also consists of 40 percent of the daily value of fiber and 50 percent of vitamin C.

It takes a lot of time to transport raw passion fruits from Ethiopia to the distant port of Djibouti-650 km away. For this reason, the country also processes juice products for local and international sale. The first time the country ever exported this juice to Europe was in 2010. This has improved due to the coming of processing factories in strategic locations near farmers. This has reduced the possibility of post-harvest storage problems.

We offer the most internationally accredited packing method for our Ethiopia passion fruit. Soon after transportation from the farm, we keep the fruits in single-layered arrangement in trays. We place the fruits inside shallow plastic inserting areas to prevent them from falling off or rubbing against one another inside the trays. We keep them by grades from the smaller size 42 to the largest size 23.

To ensure easy sampling upon arrival in Europe or the Middle east, we label each fruit with our sticker. The final part of the packing process is putting up a plastic wrapping over every tray. This has the purpose of rehydrating the fruits so that they do not shrink en-route. The largest packed size is the 5 kilo bag though this can change per the client’s specific request.

Thus, if you are looking forward to the next Ethiopia yellow or purple passion fruit, you can count on us. We deliver the freshest fruits from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified farmers, and also operate from farming belts that grow the fruits through cooperatives. You can count on us for competitive, fair prices. Make an order today!

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