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We provide high quality Ethiopia guavas to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia guavas from family growers in the country.

The guava first originated in the Mexican drylands and the northern tips of Brazil. There are multiple varieties but the most common that grows in Ethiopia is the apple/lemon guava (psidium guava myrtaceae L), which has a characteristic yellowish green skin. When ripe, its innards are a tasty red color.

Ethiopia guava has a lifespan of two decades and can continuously offer harvests for up to 20 years, with the tree first bearing fruit in its second or fourth year of planting. The main season for the fruit in Ethiopia is November and December. We source our guava from the eastern zone of Haraghe, near Ogaden. The fruit thrives well under the dry conditions that are similar to those of neighboring Somalia, an emerging producer of the fruit in the horn of Africa.

The main varieties include psidium guava. Ethiopia also grows cherry guava, a yellow variety that matures when the tree is just 2 to 6 meters in height. It goes by the acronyms cherry and strawberry because of its diverse tastes. The third variety that grows here is Thai maroon, a cross of red apple and guavas, though in minimal supply in the country.

The guava is a common staple in the desert because of its vital nutrients. A single fruit is full of antioxidants that fight radicals that cause cancer. One cup of the juice from the fruit contains 112 energy calories and minimal fat content. The minerals like calcium fight degenerative diseases including Diabetes mellitus.

Ethiopia guavas are also available in processed form in natural 100% content. Three end products include pulp, puree and concentrate. We pack by drums of maximum 200 kilos though there are smaller versions of 1-kilo buckets. The customer has the choice to select a smaller or larger size. We select only the ripened fruits which then go through the thermal plant where distillation separates oil from water. You can select either pulp, concentrate or puree, all of which are under clear labeling.

Immediately after morning time harvesting, we transport the table guavas to the storage plant. Here, they undergo close inspection and washing in clear water. Afterward, we keep them in small plastic containers or wooden crates. Those for transportation by air are kept in special-purpose cartons.

Though most Ethiopia guavas are transported to the proximate Bahir Dar market town, our guavas come from the farms themselves. We liaise with the farmers in the fruit-producing north-eastern and eastern regions like Andassa and Haraghe. Because of the nearness of the production areas to the Bahir Dar market, our agents are able to prevent long-distance transportation damage. Because the source is about 565 kilometers from the Bola International Airport in Addis Ababa, we pre-cool the fruits en-route to the capital.

Before packing the fruit, we pre-cool Ethiopia guava at 10 degrees celsius. We then pack the fruits in low-density polyethylene bags that contain synthetic fibers to curb against heat and damage.

It goes without saying that Ethiopia guavas are some of the tastiest in the region. If you would like a ready, high-quality supply from only family growers in the eastern parts of the country, you can count on us to deliver. We co-operate with small-scale orchard keepers who have Global Good Agricultural (GAP) certificates and thus guarantee quality. Talk to us today for competitive prices, timely delivery, and on top of that, the right quantity!

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