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We provide high-quality Uganda mandarins to the local and export market. We source our Uganda mandarins from family growers in the country.

Uganda mandarin (Citrus reticulata) comes from one of the many citrus species that are half-cast of the orange. The fruit’s common name is mandarin orange, only that it is larger than its cousin. It comes from a shrub-like tree that bears fruits for raw consumption or inclusion in pies.  The fruits are usually available in the high season of October in select parts of eastern, south-central and northern Uganda together with tangerines. The local varieties have less acid in comparison with oranges and are in high demand.

We source Uganda mandarins just a stone throw away from the airport in Jinja. Other sources include Gulu and Mbale in the northern and eastern parts of the country respectively. All our fruits come from smallholder farms of less than 1 acre. The farmers cultivate them using farmyard compost with little or no use of chemical sprays.

Eating mandarins provide the body with similar nutrients as those of consuming other citrus fruits. Each slice has 44 percent daily value (dv) worth of vitamin C content for boosting immunity. The second highest value is that of vitamin A at 13 percent of the daily needs for improving eyesight. The fruit’s vitamin B-6 content is 5 percent of the daily value while that of magnesium for a strong bone structure is 3 percent. The value of dietary fiber is 7 percent dv for good digestion while that of calcium for strong teeth enamel is 3 percent dv. They also have pantothenic acid for good metabolism.

We harvest Uganda mandarins when they are just on the verge of ripeness, with the best visual indicator being a hint of orange. Our trained workers normally clip the fruit off the branches with either scissors or clippers. They sever them together with their stalks so as not to destroy the fruits’ buttons at the bottom. We then transfer them immediately to the packing shed and from there the cold room for temporary keeping. This is preceded by the cleaning and sorting of the fruits to remove any field debris. We then keep the fresh selections that have smooth skins and uniform sizes in cartons ready for packing and labeling.

We pack Uganda mandarins in close-top cartons with polyethylene linings for aroma and taste preservation. We use cartons that can contain about 56 fruits per package. The larger packages consist of around 210 fruits apiece.

We store Uganda mandarins in the lowest temperature range of 4 to 6° Celsius. This gives them around eight weeks of storage duration unspoiled. We also have the 6 to 8° Celsius range that gives them a lifespan of well over six weeks. We also store the fruits at the relative humidity range of 85 to 90 percent to keep them well hydrated.

We use special trucks with refrigerated interiors to convey Uganda mandarins to the airport in Entebbe. We ensure that each crate containing the fruits is well secured from a bumpy ride and is well ventilated. You can expect the cargo to reach your destination in as few as a day or two depending on your destination.

We are therefore your one-stop source for Uganda mandarins. We obtain the fruits from family growers in especially the southern-central region where they grow under Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) conditions. We also make sure that we have many smallholders who can help meet your exact quantity at different times of the year. All our prices match the lowest rates in the market as we tailor them to your budget. You can start by making an order from us today!

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