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Loquats…Ever seen the many rivers to cross in a leaf with its leathery texture, criss-cross patterns and tough, long, dark-green foliage? Add on to that a huge, tall tree about nine or ten meters high, spaced with its cousins in tropical splendor all across the farm with its visible dew drop-shaped bright-colored fruits, and you have Kenya loquats!

Selina Wamucii provides the Kenya loquats to both the export market and the local market. Our mission is to provide loquats of the highest quality at fair prices to our clients.

Historically, loquats originated in the Orient, China specifically, before they found their first modern home, Japan, to which their scientific name Eriobotrya japonica, perhaps refers. In fact, the orange-to-yellow pearl-shaped fruit just slightly bigger than the plum, has enjoyed modern cultivation in Japan for a millennium now!

Kenya loquats adhere to the global varieties of the fruits in their drought-resistant, easy propagation and grafting qualities, in most places of the globe. In fact, Arabs have come to refer to the fruit as Eski Dunya, literal for perhaps its Cantonese origin of Old World, whereas the Turks nickname the deliciously acidic fruit as Yeni Dunya, a reference perhaps to its ease of naturalization to most parts of the planet, as in New World. In fact, Armenians also use the same term in reference to the ability of loquats to come to fruition in late winter as they bring in spring. In Kenya, the word mbeera, an etymological term for the fruit in Central Kenya refers nominally to the loquat’s abundance when fully blossomed..

When observing the wild oat that is the ripening Kenya loquat during the harvesting period, you are bound to find bunches upon bunches of crisp yellow or dull orange berries straining to push each other from a full branch

Kenya loquats, which we source from family growers all over the country, grow naturally in the cooler regions of the Central highlands, though due to their easy husbandry and drought-resistant qualities can be found in drier regions. They require a balanced PH, more to the acidic side, a well-manured soil, and enough space to spread their lengthy vines and helicopter leaves. They won’t starve if you deny them plenty of water, but it is advisable to provide them with well-drained growth conditions to fruit as early as 2 years down the line. Though, the maximum period to expect the first fruit is when they are about eight years of age

Loquats have been in use for millennia and more years across the tropics, Oceania (Tonga islands) Caribbean, Eastern Europe, the US, Africa, and of course its natural habitat, Asia, as a cure and wine source. In Mexico, the seed, which takes a large chunk of the succulent interior, a source of irk to those who want a large chunk of succulent berry, goes into the making of the popular nespolino rum. In Kenya, the fruit combines well with other fruits like avocados, oranges and pineapples to balance the acidic and neutral aromas in a fruit salad.

The Kenya loquat enjoys a host of healthy benefits. These include Vitamin A (at 10%), to improve your eyesight. The Japanese decorate and cure swelling on the skin and other epidermal disorders like eczema using dried Biwa cha, meaning crushed loquat leaves. This combination also cures lung problems including bronchitis. If you are a lover of coffee but can forgo the nicotine-like effect for a day, then we recommend taking loquats in plenty and you will have the same relaxed feeling a sedative would give you, which biologists say lasts for about a full day and night!

With minimal Vitamin C content (at 1%) to boost immunity, loquats have very low sodium and unrefined fat concentrates, contain dietary fiber to boost digestion and have little or no potassium.

So, are you contemplating a bit of biwa cha, a little bit of the Italian nespolino brew, or plenty of our very own locally-grown mbeera? Then waste no time, please order the freshest Kenya loquats you won’t find anywhere else in the old or new world!

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