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Selina Wamucii provides high quality Kenya sugar snap/cascadia to the local and export market. We source our Kenya sugar snap from family growers in Kenya.

Selina wamucii Kenyan French beans

Kenya sugar snap (Pisum sativum var. macrocarpon) or cascadia belong to the pea family and differ from garden peas in that they have edible pods. They are also different from snow peas for which they are confused in that they have round bulging pods while the former are flat. They belong to the species pisum sativum which comprises mangetouts (snow peas). They grow to be 1.3m high and can spread in a climbing format and they may need supports. They have pods that bulge a little and contain both star-shaped tops on the stalk side and tails that we at Selina Wamucii retain when exporting them.

Among all peas, sugar snap are the most recent for they came up first in 1952 through inter-breeding snow and shell peas. This plump variety, therefore has all the best qualities of all peas. The major variety in Kenya is cascadia which takes a period of 60 days to be ready for picking. This indicates the period from the date of sowing to the time when the immature pods are developed enough to be edible. They are common in stir menus as they are highly delicious. Their nutrition consists of vitamin C, folic acid and vitamin K and a host of minerals like magnesium.

We source our sugar snaps from key growing areas in Kenya listed here in the order of production volume: Taita Taveta, Meru, Uasin Gishu, Trans Nzoia and Nyeri. These areas provide basically the 4 to 6 hours of sunshine each day that the plant requires to flower and produce pods in two months. The highlands such as around Meru also provide cool weather that the legume needs to prevent withering.

The harvesting and packing of Kenya sugar snap takes place on the same day. Our supervisors ensure that workers are efficiently trained to pick only the best unripe cascadia pods to reduce contamination and enhance meticulous sorting. As soon as our workers have sorted and washed the fresh peas fully, we pack them in bulk for inspection by the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHiS) to ensure they have passed phytosanitary requirements.

Packing takes place immediately after inspection. We allocate 250g punnets and 500g punnets which provide efficient and convenient packing of sugar snap. 12 to 24 punnets go into each box. We then carry out the weighing of the packages to ensure we meet your very specific quantity requirements. The next step is to label the content appropriately in our brand details to ensure ease of traceability.

You can obtain your shipment on the same day of delivery or a few days later depending on your part of the world. Delivery from the farm and/or cold room takes place through custom transportation vans to the airport in Nairobi. We then recheck the consignment one last time for any en-route damage, confirm quantity and sort labeling before checking in to your airline of choice. We follow all these steps through our highly efficient traceability and communication methods to ensure that our supervisors and workers do their work perfectly.

Make us your partner at delivering family grower-sourced Kenya sugar snap and you can expect nothing but early shipment and only high quality. Our pricing is always competitive. The same care applies to adhering to the specific volume you have requested. Besides, we maintain value proposition including picking produce from only Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified consolidated growers. Make your fresh order today at Selina Wamucii!

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