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Uganda kola nuts are some of the fruit nuts that exist in the western equatorial forests. Its origin may have been Nigeria’s rainforests, which still rank as some of the biggest sources of the nut, to date. The term ‘kola’ has already been outstripped by its rip-off ‘cola’ perhaps due to the latter’s usage in commercial soft drinks. It is one of the important fruits for use in beverage enrichment, perhaps due to its caffeine that is higher than that of coffee. It also the tenth most produced oilseed in the world.

Eating kola nuts is a lease into protein, energy and protection against diseases. The fruits improve metabolic functions and increase alertness due to their caffeine concentration. They also improve the heartbeat rate, reduce weight and enhance digestion. There is also evidence that the fruits keep prostate cancer at bay.

We source kola nuts from the Western Uganda rain forests. Locals believe that the bitter fruit can boost the reproductive health of men. Be it as it may, we deal with only farmers who use no farm sprays and grow the crop under farmyard compost manure.

We harvest Uganda kola nuts by hand-picking means. Our workers reach out to them and pick them one by one. This is followed by storage in a well-shaded place before drying. We then take the fruits out in the sun for keeping them dry in readiness for shelling.

We clean Uganda kola nuts in fresh, purified water to ensure that there are no contaminants on the skin. This is in readiness for removing the many seed kernels from the interior of the bitter husk. Though some people consume the outer section, we extract it under industrial means for discarding. What remains are the pods or kernels that we then dry in the full sun before packing.

We pack Uganda kola nuts in 1-kilogram wrappers made of polyethylene material. We then store them in cartons that can contain about seven of these wrappers for every package. Most of our cartons weigh at least 7 kilograms when full. This can undergo adjustment per your specific order.

We store Uganda kola nuts at fairly high temperatures of 16° Celsius to keep them at a dry condition. We also transport the seeds at the same temperature range in our controlled atmosphere special trucks. You can therefore expect them a day or two from the date of shipment at the airport in Entebbe.

In short, if you are yearning for the nutty produce of Africa, you now have a ready provider of Uganda chestnuts. We source all our produce from the rainforest areas of Western Uganda where our family growers nurture them under natural conditions. We only interact with farmers with Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certifications. All our quantity parameters are tailored to meet your exact shipping needs. On top of that, we provide the most competitive prices that do not break the bank. Make your order today!

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