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Varieties Smooth cayenne, Extra Sweet, Brazza, Sugarloaf
Size 6 pieces (1.75 kg), 12 pieces (1.25 kg), 12 pieces (1 kg), 20 pieces pieces (0.75 kg)
Packing packed in trays with fruits lying on their sides and in boxes with the fruits upright on their peduncle.
Storage temperature and humidity should be 7 to 10 degrees Celsius and 85 to 95% respectively
Season throughout the year
transport conditions 10 to 12 degrees Celsius for mature green, 7 degrees Celsius for ripe, and 7 to 10 degrees Celsius for turning.
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Togo pineapples are sought for their high quality. This is made possible by the suitable conditions for organic pineapple production in Togo. Brazza and Smooth cayenne are cultivated in the South of the country in the maritime and plateaux regions. 

Pineapple (ananas comosus), is a fruit native to South America with thirty or more long, spined and pointed leaves surrounding a thick stem. The pineapple colour varies depending on the variety and the climatic and soil types.

Pineapples are mainly cultivated for consumption by human beings. They can be eaten raw or used in cooking applications. They are also used to produce juice.

The most spread variety is the smooth cayenne which was first introduced in Europe from French Guyana, worldwide production starting around 1500.

 First discovered in Brasil and Paraguay by the Europeans in 1493, Christopher Columbus and other explorers are credited to have taken the first pineapples back to Europe.

Portuguese and Spanish explorers introduced pineapples in many parts of Africa and Asia in the 16th century.  

Togo pineapples are farmed on both small scale and large scale with companies investing in different varieties. This has created jobs and also led to the production of organic pineapples that meet international standards. Production of organic juice from pineapples is also a significant sector thanks to diversification efforts by companies. 

Some of the varieties of strawberries found in Togo include; Smooth cayenne, Extra Sweet, Brazza, and Sugarloaf

Pineapples grow in a warm and humid climate and are grown west of the maritime region and South of the plateaux region with rainfall between 900 to 1400 mm per year but can be grown with a wider range of rainfall of 600 to 2500 mm per year.

They are grown in areas with a temperature range of 15 to 30 degrees Celsius. Higher temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius are unfavourable for the development of fruits.   

They require light to medium textured soils and do not do well in waterlogged soils. Right soil conditions for planting are achieved by proper ploughing to allow exposure of the soil to sunlight and allow water to penetrate, levelling and drainage, mowing, erosion control and blending of crop residues to improve nutrient content. 

Depending on climatic conditions and the varieties planted, pineapples take from 14 to 20 months to mature.

Pineapples are mostly harvested manually by the farmers. This is achieved by breaking the stalk or cutting it using a cutting tool. The pineapples are then loaded and transported for an antifungal treatment to prevent any mould from developing on the cut stalk. 

They are then graded according to size, maturity, physical appearance such as not affected by diseases, and shape. Where, Class A weighs more than 1.5 kgs, class B 1000-1500 grams, class C 800-1100 grams, Class D 550- 800 grams and finally baby pineapples less than550 grams.

The pineapples are transported by sea freight (precooled and palletized) in refrigerated containers owing to the long transportation time or airlifted. 

Packing is done based on the stage of ripening and the size of the fruit. Individual packs contain pineapples of equal size. The most common counts are 6,12 and 20.

Transport temperature and humidity should be 7 to 10 degrees Celsius and 85 to 95% respectively. Under these conditions, the pineapples will have a storage life of 2 to 3 weeks.

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